Page 254 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 37

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i l s o n
, D
u n c a n
L eonard Wolf: a p o litica l biography.
London, Ho
gath Press, 1978, 288 p.
i l s o n
, N
e l l y
Bernard Lazare. An tisem itism and the p rob lem of
Jeivish id en t i ty in late n ine teen th -cen tury France.
University Press, 1978, x, 348 p., Ind., Bibl., Illus.
in t e r b o t h a m
F. W.
The Nazi connection .
London, W eidenfeld and
N icolson, 1978, 222 p., Ind.
Experiences in the British Secret In telligence Service as chief
of the Air Department before the War. Describes the Nazi perĀ­
secution of the Jews.
is t r ic h
, R
o b e r t
S., ed.
The L e ft against Zion. Commun ism , Israel
and the M idd le East.
London, Vallentine and Mitchell, 1979,
310 p.
a n g w i l l
, I
s r a e l
K ing of the schnorrers.
London, Dover Publications,
1978, n.e., 103 p.
u r e in
, E
l ia
T .
The Palestinians in Israel. A study in in terna l
colonialism . London ,
Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1979, 264 p.