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JWB Jewish Book Council
T h e p a s t y e a r
has seen many changes because of the administra­
tive problems that emerged. In the absence of an executive di­
rector, the burden of running the Book Council fell on the shoul­
ders of the president. Meetings were held with the officials of
JWB, with its president and executive vice-president as well as
members of the staff, to strengthen the work of the Council. Mr.
Harold Arian, JWB coordinator of Jewish educational and cul­
tural programs, was very helpful in the relationship.
A committee met to discuss the goals and objectives of the
Jewish Book Council. The following served on the committee: Dr.
Sidney B. Hoenig, Harold Arian, Dr. Eugene B. Borowitz,
William Epstein, Herbert Millman, and Blu Greenberg, chair­
man. A review of the various projects was completed and dif­
ferent suggestions were offered for the publication of a full-scale
literary magazine and the promotion of the
Jewish Book Annual.
Various criteria for hiring a qualified person to serve as the
director of the Jewish Book Council were outlined. The screening
and selection committees worked arduously and it is expected
that in the very near future, the Council will have a new director
to further its work.
A stronger relationship between publishers and the Jewish
Book Council was effected through the initiative of William Ep­
stein, who became chairman of the Executive Board, working
together with the president. At the suggestion of the Book Coun­