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19, 1979), entitled “Zionism, the Enemy o f Cu ltu re .”10 T h e title
and the con ten t o f the piece antagonized the Yiddish writers in
America and the Jewish community at large. A fter meeting with
the miniscule g roup o f Jewish Stalinists, he left fo r his Soviet
home land posthaste.
In recen t years a significant num be r o f Yiddish writers have left
the Soviet Union fo r Israel, among them Jo seph Kerler, Rokhel
Boymvol, Zhiame Telessin, Efraim Roitman, Shloyme Rothman,
Yankel Yakir, Khaim Maltinsky, Elya Schechtman, Leyzer Pod-
riatchik, Yosl Lerner, Mod Saktsier, M. Kobriansky,11 and Meyer
T h e re are still about 100 Yiddish writers in the U.S.S.R., among
them some who are very talented . They may yet produce some
im po rtan t work — even u n d e r today’s unfavorab le conditions.
10 The original article “Der Tsionism un di Yidishe Kultur” (Zionism and Yiddish
Culture) was published in
S.H .,
no. 10, 1976.
11 In a letter from Israel to the present writer, dated January 8, 1979, Kobriansky
indicates that he has begun work on the novel which he had planned for a long
time but was unable to write in the Soviet Union.