Page 98 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 37

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Yiddish study o f this enigmatic Hasidic figure. As in terest in
Heschel’s own life and work continues to grow, one may expect to
see the publication o f more works about Heschel. T h e first o f
these is B.L. Sherwin’s
Abraham Joshua Heschel
I t is difficult to identify any definite and en du r ing trend in
Jewish though t du r ing the past decade. Consequently, it is d if ­
ficult, if no t impossible, to pred ic t fu tu re trends . Nevertheless,
p resen t indicators seem to forecast a con tinu ing and increasing
interest in the history o f Jewish mysticism. Many young American
and Israeli scholars are presently laboring to p roduce works to
help offset the longstanding neglect from which the study o f the
Jewish mystical trad ition has su ffered since the Emancipation.
During the 1980s we can look forward to read ing the ir works.