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By 1960, the space facilities in the new quarte rs were no longer
adequate to house s tuden t enrollment. Plans were made and
funds were raised for the construction o f a second building at the
Brookline campus. In 1962 this building was formally dedicated
and opened fo r regu lar academic sessions. In recognition o f a
major gift by the Grossman family, the library was dedicated as
the Jacob and Rose Grossman Library.
In 1970, the library contained approximately 50,000 volumes.
Th rough the efforts o f Dr. Eli Grad, p residen t o f the Hebrew
College, a remodeling project was undertaken . T he expansion
and renovation o f the main floor o f the library provided im­
proved access to books, a grea ter reade r capacity and a spacious
and open feeling in the reading rooms. Various types o f read ing
areas were separated from each other. A more efficient layout
resulted in a new periodical area, an enlarged card catalog, a
reference read ing room and two general readings rooms. New
book stacks were provided and arranged so tha t books could be
easily located. New exhibit areas, new fu rn itu re and new lighting
added color and warmth. At a special p rog ram on Ju n e 2, 1974, a
capacity audience shared in the dedication o f the renova ted li­
brary facilities.
During the 1970’s several im po rtan t additions were made to
the library. Dr. H arry A. Savitz, a fo rm e r p residen t o f the Hebrew
College and a no ted physician and scholar, presented his collec­
tion o f over 400 volumes o f Jewish medical history and ethics.
Known as the Dr. H arry A. and Beatrice C. Savitz Jewish Medical
History Collection, it contained many first editions published in
the 16th and 17th centuries in such early centers o f Jewish p r in t­
ing as Venice and Amsterdam. In addition , it included articles,
reprin ts and pamphlets on Jewish medical history.
In 1976, the library was selected to maintain and make available
to the G reater Boston community the Dr. Gerald Wohlberg Mid­
dle East and Israeli Affairs Collection. T he aim o f this collection,
which had been established at the Combined Jewish Philan­
thropies o f Boston, has been to provide cu r ren t material on the
political situation in the Middle East. It contains both published
and unpublished articles, and repo rts on the relationships be­
tween Israel and American Jewry.