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Still another contribution to our ongo ing series o f descriptive
articles concerning the holdings o f various libraries is the account
by Morris S. Tuchman o f the history and growth o f the library o f
the Boston Hebrew College.
A number o f leading authors and personalities are the subjects
o f special articles and appreciations. T h e forthcom ing one hun­
dredth anniversary o f the birthday o f Mordecai M. Kaplan, p re ­
sently o f Jerusalem, is the occasion fo r a discussion by Mel Scult o f
his p ro found influence on the development o f American Jewish
life and thought. O ther centennial articles are devoted to Y o s e f
Hayyim Brenner and Max Raisin. In his study, David Patterson
has h ighlighted B renner ’s role in Hebrew literature as the “ con­
science o f the Yishuv.” H e has pointed to B renner ’s pervasive
influence and to the grow ing body o f criticism that surrounds his
work. Getzel Kressel, in his H ebrew article, has dealt with Raisin’s
contribution as the first H ebrew historian o f American Jewry.
Raisin’s memoirs chronicle the adjustment o f the East European
imm igrant to American Jewish life and describe his own unique
experiences in the R e fo rm rabbinate.
T h e Yiddish
o f the many-sided Hebrew -Y idd ish author
Aaron Zeitlin is treated by Elias Schulman in his Yiddish article.
Zeitlin’s continuing influence as poet, novelist, dramatist and
essayist is evidenced by the fact that new editions and collections
o f his writings have continued to come from the presses since his
death in 1973.
Yael Sagiv-Feldman, in her analysis o f the work o f the Am e r i­
can H ebrew poet Gabriel Preil, has shown how American Yiddish
poetry, together with Anglo-Saxon literature, has helped shape
his development. Because o f his modernism, Preil has achieved
recogn ition as a leading poet who is highly regarded by his con­
temporaries in Israel. Am on g the valued contributors to the
over the years has been the Israeli b ib liographer and
historian Getzel Kressel, who is represented in this volume as well.
Zvulun Ravid has presented an overview o f the various research
interests o f this indefatigable bookman.
On the occasion o f the 50th anniversary o f the death o f A rthu r
Schnitzler, Sol Liptzin has described his influence as a dramatist
and as a leading representative o f the Viennese tradition. In his