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annual review o f Jewish literary anniversaries T h e od o re W ien er
has o f fe re d a useful guide to the important dates that may be
observed dur ing 1981.
As in previous years,
the Annual
presents seven bibliographies
covering the literary output in America, England and Israel.
Wh ile the listings o f English, Hebrew and Y idd ish books are
perforce selective, they o f fe r ample evidence o f the continued
tri-lingual creativity o f our people.
It is with a sense o f deep and abiding loss that we dedicate this
volume to the m em ory o f Sidney B. H oen ig , who passed away
while serving as president o f the JWB Jewish Book Council. One
o f Dr. H o en ig ’s last acts was to serve as the Council’s representa­
tive at the Second International Book Fair held in Moscow. T h e
report which he rendered fu rther underscored the hunger o f
Russian Jews fo r in formation on Jewish books and described the
special interest o f the visitors in the current material contained in
the last volume o f the
Dr. H oen ig gained an outstanding reputation fo r scholarship
in the history o f the Second Commonwealth and the Dead Sea
Scrolls. For over fou r decades he was associated with Yeshiva
University as professor o f Jewish history and as educator. H e was
the author o f six historical works and o f many articles and studies
in English and Hebrew. His e fforts on beha lf o f the Council will
be sorely missed.
An o th er grievous loss sustained by the Jewish book world was
the passing o f the Hebrew -Y idd ish b ib liographer and author
E liezer Raphael Malachi. A native o f Jerusalem, he came to this
country as a young man and devo ted himself exclusively to liter­
ary work. H e was the author o f a number o f authoritative books,
but his w idely scattered articles and monographs could easily fill
two dozen volumes. Malachi was among the early contributors to
the Annual,
and his H ebrew and Yiddish articles were models o f
erudition. A Hebrew appreciation o f his work by Moshe Hezkuni
(Starkman) appeared in volume 23.
W e again express our appreciation to the Jewish W e lfa re Board
fo r its ro le in sponsoring the activities and publications o f the
Jewish Book Council. W e are pleased to acknow ledge the annual
gifts o f the Lucius N . Littauer Foundation, the Israel Matz Foun-