Page 15 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 38

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dation and the Joseph M e y e rh o f f Fund towards the publication
o f
the Annual.
Th is year, the Jacob and H ilda Blaustein Founda­
tion became a contributor to our publication and we express
thanks to Dr. M orton K. Blaustein, president. For many years I.
Edward K iev contributed to
the Annual
and served as its associate
ed itor until his death in 1975. W e are gratefu l to the I. Edward
K iev Library Foundation, established by Dr. A r i K iev, fo r its
support. T o Rabbis Judah Nadich, G ilbert Klaperman and Ely E.
Pilchik, form e r presidents o f the Council, our gratitude fo r their
continued support.