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themes. He was the editor of several important Hebrew journals
in Europe before coming to Israel.
h a r l e s
h a v e l
75th birthday. Born in Ciechanow, Poland, July
7, 1906. An Orthodox rabbi in Edgemere, Long Island, he has
edited many medieval rabbinic texts. He has given particular
attention to the work of Moses ben Nahman (N ahm an ides) ,
whose biography he has written in Hebrew and English and
whose commentary on the Torah he brought out in a new ed i­
tion and in an English translation. He also translated Maimo-
Se fer H a -M i ts v o t , B o o k o f D i v in e C om m a n dm e n ts
He also served as editor of
H a -D a rom ,
the Hebrew journal of the
Rabbinical Council of America.
e n a h e m
e n d e l
o l i t z k i
50th anniversary of death. Born in
Bialystok, Poland, in 1856, died in Los Angeles, February 22,
1931. His first Hebrew poem satirized the Hasidim, but after the
pogroms in 1881, he was more tolerant of tradition and began to
write in the spirit of the Hibbat Zion movement. From 1892 he
lived in the Un ited States, where he eventually turned to writing
popular Yiddish novels. He also published several editions of
Hebrew letter writers, one of them includ ing personal letters of
Abraham Mapu and Peretz Smolenskin.
u d a h
a v id
i s e n s t e in
25th anniversary of death. Born in Mezhirech,
Poland, in 1854, died in New York May 17, 1956. In the Un ited
States since 1872, he is best known for the various Hebrew
anthologies he published over the years. They are collections of
sermons, laws and customs, Midrashim, rabbinic sayings, ethical
teachings, and medieval disputations with Christians. He also ed­
ited a 10-volume Hebrew encyclopeadia,
O tza r Y israel .
mously a commentary on the Torah in English appeared.
a c o b
a u l
l y a s h a r
75th anniversary of death. Born in Safed,
Palestine, in 1817, died in Jerusalem July 21, 1906. A rabbinic
judge in Jerusalem, he eventually became the Sephardic chief
rabbi of Palestine. He was respected both as a community leader
and as a scholar of Jewish law far beyond the confines of Pales­
tine. Several volumes of responsa, a collection of his sermons, and
comments on the Ta lmud attest to his versatility.
v r a h a m
v e n
h o s h a n
75th birthday. Born in Minsk, Russia, D e­
cember 25, 1906. An Israeli educator for many years, who has
enriched Israel’s children’s literature with many original works
and translations, he is best known for his Hebrew dictionary that
has been published in several updated editions and is considered
to be the standard in the field. In recent years he has undertaken
to publish a biblical concordance which was recently completed.
a c o b
i c h m a n
100th anniversary of birth. Born in Belz, Bessarabia,