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Russia, November 25, 1881, died in Tel-Aviv in 1958. Teacher,
editor, and Hebrew publisher, he finally settled in Palestine in
1925. He wrote both poetry and some stories as well as a con­
siderable amount of criticism. His literary criticism, which was
not confined to Hebrew literature, but extended to modern Euro­
pean literature as well, was directed towards highlighting the
positive contributions of the writer, rather than pointing out his
demerits. Although quite conventional in his own work, he hailed
Shlonsky and his contemporaries for the new directions into which
they were taking Hebrew poetry.
a m u e l
r e u n d
100th anniversary of death. Born in Tsoukov, Bo­
hemia, in 1794, died in Prague January 13, 1881. As chief rabbi
of Prague he wrote several volumes on various aspects of Jewish
law, commentaries on talmudic tractates, and responsa.
l b e r t
a r x
r ie d e n b e r g
100th anniversary of birth. Born in New
York, January 9, 1881, died there in 1942. A lawyer who was
deeply interested in American Jewish history, he was very active
in the American Jewish Historical Society and wrote on all aspects
of American Jewish life in the
P u b l ic a t ion s
of this organization.
It was through his initiative that many of these volumes made
their appearance.
e ir
r i e d m a n n
150th anniversary of birth. Born in Horost, Slovakia,
June 15, 1831, died in Vienna in 1908. After receiving a rabbinic
education, he settled in Vienna, where he taught at various Jew­
ish institutions of learning, counting Solomon Schechter among
his pupils. His major contribution to Jewish scholarship was the
edition of the most important halachic Midrashim,
M ek h i l ta ,
S ijra ,
S ifre ,
the earliest commentaries to Exodus, Leviticus,
Numbers and Deuteronomy, respectively; also the
P es ik ta R a b b a t i
and the
T an n a d e -ve i E liyahu ,
later midrashic works. In recent
years they have been reissued.
o l f
o l d
25th anniversary of death. Born in Sczcyczyin, Poland, in
1889, died in Jerusalem April 8, 1956. An Orthodox rabbi in the
Un ited States from 1907, he was active throughout his life in the
Mizrachi movement. After settling in Israel, he served for a num­
ber of years on the Executive of the Jewish Agency and also on
the Provisional State Council of Israel. A collection of his speeches
and sermons was published in Hebrew; also
Lesson s in T a lm u d
(1956), a text book for beginners.
a v id
o r d o n
150th anniversary of birth. Born in Podmerecz near
Vilna March 28, 1831, died in Lyck, East Prussia, Germany, in
1886. A devotee of the Haskalah, he lived for a while in England
before settling in Lyck in 1858, where he served first as the as­
sistant editor and later as the editor and owner of the first He­