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brew weekly,
He was also active in the Mekize Nirda-
mim Society, headquartered in Lyck for many years, publishing
rare Hebrew texts. With the advent of the H ibbat Zion movement
he placed his journal in the service of this cause. In his Hebrew
writings lie eschewed the artificial “melizah” style then current
and wrote in a simple uncomplicated manner.
L e o p o l d J a c o b G r e e n b e r g .
50th anniversary of death. Born in Bir­
mingham, England, in 1861, died in London November 15, 1931.
First active in general journalism in Great Britain he became
one of the earliest followers of Herzl, who entrusted him with
important missions to the English government. In 1907 he and
a group of friends bought the
Jewish Chronicle
of London to
insure that the Zionist cause should have an adequate public
forum in England. Until his death he served as editor-in-chief of
this major Jewish weekly. In 1896 he also helped found the
ish Year Book,
which is still published in England.
N a p h t a l i G r o s s .
25th anniversary of death. Born in Kolomea, Galicia,
in 1896, died in New York, April 8, 1956. A Yiddish poet, who
was on the staff of the
Jeiuish Daily Forward,
he differed from
many of his collegues by romanticizing the shtetl, when his con­
temporaries in the 1920’s rejected its values. His translation of the
Megillot of
the Bible into Yiddish was highly acclaimed. A
column of stories and parables, that appeared in the
based on stories and contributions by readers, was later published
in a special volume.
A s h e r G u l a k .
100th anniversary of birth. Born in Dackira, Latvia,
March 16, 1881, died in Jerusalem in 1940. T ra ined in the law
in Latvia and Germany, he eventually became professor of Jew­
ish law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His studies dealt
with traditional Jewish civil law, comparing it to Greek and
Roman law. He also prepared a systematic work on Jewish law
as well as numerous monographs on detailed aspects in this field.
One dealt with legal formularies, another with the law of
A b r a h a m M e i r H a b e r m a n n .
80th birthday. Born in Zurawno, Poland,
7 ,
A s
a librarian of the very fine collection of He­
brew books and manuscripts assembled by Salman Schocken, first
in Germany, then in Jerusalem, he has devoted his literary work
to the history of the Hebrew book and Hebrew bibliography and
printing. In addition to a collection of his articles on these sub­
jects, there appeared recently a monograph on the printer Daniel
Bomberg, a Christian, who was the first to p rin t the complete
Talmud in Venice in the 1520’s. He also has published studies