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and texts in the field of Jewish liturgy and medieval Hebrew
poetry, as well as an edition of the Dead Sea Scrolls.
h o s h a n a
a l e v y
75th birthday. Born in Safed, Israel, May 30, 1906.
For many years on the staff of the Hebrew University Library, she
has made an outstanding contribution to Hebrew bibliography
by publishing a chronological listing of all the Hebrew books
printed in Jerusalem from 1841—when strange as it may seem
the first Hebrew book made its appearance there—till 1891. This
work has been reissued in a revised edition.
o r d e c a i
a l t e r
75th birthday. Born in Kolo, Poland, May 3, 1906.
Active in the Labor Zionist movement before World War II
and editor of its magazine in Poland, he arrived in Palestine in
1941. After working in a kibbutz, he became a teacher. His years
of preparation for settlement in Palestine are reflected in one of
his works first published in Yiddish and then translated by him­
self into Hebrew. He also prepared commentaries to various
biblical books, such as the Song of Songs and edited a memorial
volume for the Jewish community of his hometown.
o r d ec a i
e n a h e m
a p l a n
100th birthday. Born in Svencionys,
Lithuania, June 11, 1881. In the Un ited States since childhood,
he was ordained at the Jewish Theological Seminary and served
as dean of its Teachers’ Institute and professor of homiletics. He
is best known as the founder of the Reconstructionist movement
in Judaism which defined Judaism as an “evolving religious civili­
zation,” recognizing both the religious and the secular expressions
of Jewishness. T h e major works expound ing his views are
Ju d a ­
ism as a C iv i l iza t io n
Juda ism W i th o u t Su p erna tu ra lism
A N ew Z ion ism
(1955, 19592) ; and
T h e R e l ig io n of
E th ica l N a t io n h o o d
(1970). He was the author of many articles
and editorials published in the
R e c o n s tr u c t io n is t
over several
decades. He also edited in cooperation with others several prayer
books for the Reconstructionist movement. An earlier work was
the translation of
M e s i l la t Yeshar im {T h e Pa th o f the U p r ig h t
) ,
the ethical treatise of the 18th century Italian Hebrew poet and
mystic, Moses Hayyim Luzzatto.
e t z e l
r e s s e l
70th birthday. Born in Zablotov, Galicia, June 12,
1911. In Palestine since 1930, he served as director of the bio-
bibliographical institute of the Hebrew Writers’ Association. His
major work is a biographical dictionary of modern Hebrew au­
thors. In addition he has published biographies of Zionist leaders,
works on the history of the Yishuv, a history of Hebrew journal­
ism in Palestine, and many bibliographical compilations. He also
served as department editor for Zionism of
E n c yc lo p a ed ia Juda ica .
He has been the recipient of several literary prizes in Israel. An