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English work,
G u id e to the H e b r ew Press ,
was published recently.
sh f
e l ig
a u t e r b a c h
75th anniversary of death. Born in Droho-
bycli, Galizia, in 1826, died there November 3, 1906. An adherent
of the Haskalah who had achieved financial independence, he
devoted much of his time to scholarly research and communal
activities. He published many articles in Hebrew on biblical, tal-
mudic, and midrashic subjects in various Hebrew periodicals and
collective works that appeared during his time. Later, some of
these were collected in book form.
sa a c
e w i n
75th birthday. Born in Wieliczka, Poland, January 14,
1906. An ordained rabbi and lawyer in Poland, he came to this
country in 1941 and has been professor of Jewish history at Ye-
shiva University and also has represented the Agudath Israel, the
world federation of Orthodox Judaism, before the Un ited Na ­
tions. In Poland he wrote on Polish law and constitutional history.
In America several collections of his addresses before the Un ited
Nations dealing with religious freedom have been published
in English. His major work in recent years has been a multi­
volume collection in Hebrew of biographies of rabbis and
scholars who perished during the Holocaust.
a l m a n
a r m o r
25th anniversary of death. Born in Mishagola,
Russia, in 1879, died in Los Angeles, July 3, 1956. An early
Labor Zionist, he came to this country and edited the Yiddish
publications of this party. After World War I he joined the staft
of the
M o rn in g F re ih e it ,
the communist Yiddish daily in New
York. From 1933 to 1936 he was on the staff of the Institute of
Jewish Studies at the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences in Kiev.
His work there on the early Yiddish poet David Edelstadt (1866-
1892) was interrupted by the Stalin purges and some of his re­
search on the early Jewish socialist Aaron Liebermann was lost.
He also published an autobiography and edited the works of
Morris Vinchevsky, the socialist and Yiddish writer, in 10 volumes.
e n j a m i n
a z a r
75th birthday. Born in Ciechanowies, Poland, June
28, 1906. After academic studies in Germany he settled in Pales­
tine in 1929, serving as secretary of the Palestine Archaeological
Society, and eventually becom ing professor of archaeology at the
Hebrew University. He has published numerous studies about his
archaeological expeditions and also served as chairman of the board
of editors of the five-volume
V iews o f th e B ib l ic a l W o r ld
which illustrates the biblical texts with the sites and archaeological
finds appropriate to them.
b r a h a m
i l l g r a m
80th birthday. Born in Russia, February 1,
Conservative rabbi and educator, he served as educational
director of the Un ited Synagogue of America. Among his works