Page 165 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 38

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A n A n th o lo g y o f M ed ie v a l H e b rew L i te r a tu r e
(19612) ;
ba th , the D ay o f D e l ig h t
(1944); and
Jew ish W o rsh ip
a history of the Jewish prayerbook.
u l ia n
o r g e n s t e r n
100th anniversary of birth. Born in St. Francis-
ville, 111., March 18, 1881, died in Macon, Georgia, in 1976.
Trained as a Reform rabbi at the Hebrew Un ion College in Cin­
cinnati, he continued his studies in Europe and returned to join
the faculty of his alma mater as professor of Bible, becoming its
president in 1921. Throughout his career he published many
studies in the field of biblical criticism, particularly on the book
of Amos (
Am o s S tu d ie s ,
1941). Other articles appeared in the
H e b rew U n ion C o llege A n n u a l
until a few years before his death.
As the leader of American Reform Judaism he opposed Zionism
for many years until the establishment of Israel. His addresses
were collected in the volume,
As a M igh ty S tream
u e n z
150th anniversary of death. Born in Podolia or Galicia
around 1750, died in Budapest, Hungary, August 15, 1831. From
1789 until his death he was rabbi in Budapest. He was recognized
by the government which appointed him a regional chief rabbi,
and was highly respected by the Jewish community for his learn­
ing. He opposed the tendencies toward Reform advocated by
Aaron Chorin. His major work is a collection of responsa, first
published in 1827.
d o l f
e u b a u e r
150th anniversary of birth. Born in Nagybana,
Hungary, March 11, 1831, died in London in 1907. He pursued
academic studies in Prague, Munich, and Paris. In 1864, as a mem
ber of the Austro-Hungarian consular staff in Jerusalem he was
on the continuous lookout for rare books and manuscripts and
he was not disappointed. Some of the results of his researches he
published in French learned journals. Trips to St. Petersburg,
Russia, to examine Karaite manuscripts produced additional
studies. From 1865 he lived in Oxford, England, as Semitics li­
brarian at the Bodleian Library. He was also appointed reader
in Rabbinic Hebrew at Oxford University. Enlarging the Semitics
collection of his library, he published the
C a ta logu e o f the H e ­
b rew M an u sc r ip ts in the B o d le ian L ib ra r y
(1886-1906). He also
M e d ie v a l Jew ish C h ron ic les
(1887-95, 19672) in Hebrew
with English introductions. In collaboration with the French
scholar Ernest Renan he wrote two French works on medieval
French rabbis and Jewish scholars.
a b r ie l
r e i l
70th birthday. Born in Dorpat, Estonia, August 21,
1911. He has lived in the Un ited States since childhood. As a
Hebrew poet he derives much of his inspiration from the Ameri­
can landscape and has been influenced by such American poets