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period of Israel statehood he described in a book, the English
edition of which is titled
Th re e Days
(1962) .
a c o b
h a t z k y
25th anniversary of death. Born in Warsaw in 1894,
died in New York, June 13, 1956. Trained in the field of Jewish
history at Polish universities, he came to this country in 1922 and
served as librarian of the Psychiatric Institute of New York State.
He also was instrumental in establishing here a branch of the
Yiddish Scientific Institute, whose headquarters were then in Vilna.
He compiled a psychiatric dictionary in English, but wrote most of
his Jewish studies in Yiddish. His most important work was a his­
tory of the Jews in Warsaw. He also wrote about Spinoza in Yid­
dish as well as on the Jewish theater and press.
Leon Simon. 100th anniversary of birth. Born in Southampton,
England, July 11, 1881, died in London in 1965. A prominent
British civil servant, who became eventually the director of the
British Postal Savings Bank, he made Zionism and Hebrew studies
his avocation. An enthusiatic disciple of Ahad Ha’am, whom
he had met when the latter settled in England in 1907, he trans­
lated a selection of his essays into English in 1912. Th is edition
was reprinted several times. He wrote a biography of his hero,
published in 1960. As early as 1910 he published articles in He­
brew on Greek literature, later translating some of Plato’s
D ia logu e s
and X enophon ’s
M em o irs
into Hebrew. He likewise was
involved in Zionist activities, serving as member of the Zionist
Commission that went to Palestine in 1918, and writing exten­
sively on Zionist ideology.
im e o n
in g e r
75th anniversary of death. Born in London in 1848,
died there August 20, 1906. A prominent British rabbi he is best
remembered for ed iting the traditional prayerbook used in En­
gland and the Un ited States with a fine English translation. First
published in 1890, subsequent editions of more than half a mil­
lion copies appeared over the years.
o r d ec a i
o l o f f
80th birthday. Born in Russia, July 2, 1901. For
many years a Reform rabbi in Los Angeles, he served as an educa­
tional director in various American synagogues. His trilogy of
Jewish history text-books,
W h en the Jew ish P e o p le Was Young ,
H o w the Jew ish P e o p le G rew U p ,
H ow the Jew ish P e o p le
L ive s T o d a y ,
proved immensely popular throughout the country
in years gone by. A new series of his texts,
Th e C o ven an t P e o p le ,
appeared in 1973-74.
ir sch
o m m e r h a u s e n
200th anniversary of birth. Born in Nieder-
wehren, Bavaria, Germany, October 22, 1781, died in Brussels,
Belgium, in 1853. A teacher of modern Hebrew in Amsterdam and
later in Brussels, he published several small text-books for begin­