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ners, a collection of Hebrew satirical epigrams (
A g u d a t M ikh ta -
m im ,
Amsterdam, 1840), and a Hebrew parody of the Passovei
Haggadah for Purim (
H aggadah le-L el S h ik o r im ,
Vienna, 1850) .
a b r ie l
o s e p h
a l p i r
80th birthday. Born in Stanislawow, Poland,
July 16, 1901. In Palestine since 1925, he has been editor of
G a z i t ,
a Hebrew journal of arts and letters since 1932. In addition to
several volumes of poetry, he has written art criticism and also
edited several art albums. He likewise has several translations to
his credit.
a c o b
s u r
75th birthday. Born in Vilna, Russia, October 18, 1906.
For many years a prom inent member of the Israeli diplomatic
service, having been ambassador to France, he has written several
volumes describing his experiences. One was translated into
English under the title,
Sunrise in J e ru sa lem
(1973). In a response
to the United Nations resolution branding Zionism as racism he
Z ion ism , the Saga o f a N a t io n a l L i b e r a t io n M o v em e n t
e r a h
a r h a f t ig
75th birthday. Born in Warsaw, February 2, 1906.
Trained as a lawyer in Warsaw and active in Jewish life there,
he came to this country during World War II and was connected
with the World Jewish Congress under whose auspices he pub­
lished several studies on the Jewish refugees. W ith the establish­
ment of Israel he settled there, eventually becom ing m inister of
religious affairs. Since that time he has written numerous Hebrew
served as librarian of the Psychiatric Institute of New York State.
Jewish law to the law of the modern state.
r ic
e r n e r
80th birthday. Born in Vienna, August 1, 1901. For
many years professor of Jewish music at the Hebrew College in
Cincinnati and New York, he has written extensively in his field.
H is major works consist of a biography of Felix Mendelssohn
T h e Sacred B r id g e ,
discussing the relationship between the
Gregorian chant of the Catholic Church and traditional Jewish
music. A more recent book is
A Voice S t i l l Heard-, the Sacred
Songs of the A sh k en a z ic Jew s
t e f a n
w e ig
100th anniversary of birth. Born in Vienna, November
28, 1881, committed suicide in Petropolis, Brazil, in 1942. He was
a popular Austrian dramatist, essayist, and biographer. Of Jew­
ish interest is his pacifist play
J e rem ia s
(1918), English transla­
Je rem iah
(1922), h igh lighting the struggle of the prophet
for peace and the persecutions he suffered for his conviction.
Some of his short stories also have Jewish themes, such as those
collected in the English edition ,
K a le id o s c o p e
(1934) and
T h e
B u r ied C an d e la b rum