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l f r e d
Jews in the eyes of Germans; from the En ligh tenm en t
to Im pe ria l Germany.
Philadelphia, Institute for the Study of
Human Issues, 1979. 509 p.
Focuses on the German image of Jews as revealed in attitudes
and works of Germany’s political and intellectual elite.
a r g o l ie s
, M
o r r is
B .
Samuel Dav id Luzza tto: trad itiona list scholar.
New York, Ktav, 1979. 253 p.
Biography and extensive study of Luzzatto’s literary work.
e n d e s
l o h r
, P
a u l
R .
e in h a r z
, J
e h u d a
The Jew in the
modern world: a documentary history.
New York, Oxford U n i­
versity Press, 1980. 550 p.
e r m e l s t e in
, M
e l
By bread alone: the story of A-4685.
Los Angeles,
Ca., Crescent Publications, 1979. 264 p. Paperbound.
Autobiographical account of Holocaust experiences.
o r l e y
, J
o h n
F .
Vatican d iplomacy and the Jews during the H o lo ­
caust 1939-1943.
New York, Ktav, 1980. 327 p.
u l l e r
, P
h i l i p
Eyewitnesses Auschwitz: three years in the gas cham­
Ed. and tr. by Susanne Flatauer. New York, Stein and Day,
1979. 180 p.
e a v e
, A
t r e y
On trial at Nurenberg.
Boston, Little, Brown and Co.,
1978. 348 p.
History based on author’s personal experiences.
O ’B
a l l a n c e
, E
d g a r
Language of violence: the blood po litics of terror­
San Rafael, Ca., Presidio Press, 1979. 365 p.
Chronicle of international terrorism, with particular focus on
the Middle East.
e r l
, W
i l l ia m
R . The four-front war: from the Holocausst to the
Prom ised Land.
New York, Crown, 1979. 376 p.
Account of “illegal immigration” of some 40,000 Jews from
Central Europe to Palestine, from 1937 through the early years
of World War II.
e t r o w
, R
ic h a r d
The b i t te r years: the invasion and occupation of
Denmark and Norway A p r i l 1940-May 1945.
New York, Morrow
Quill Paperbacks, 1979. 403 p. Paperback.
ic o n
, M
o l l y
Molly!: an au tobiography.
New York, Simon and
Schuster, 1980. 319 p.
P o l l a k , M i c h a e l .
Mandarins, Jews, and missionaries: the Jewish
e x ­
perience in the Chinese emp ire .
Philadelphia, Jewish Publication
Society, 1980. 436 p.
a b i n
, Y
i t z h a k
The R ab in memoirs.
Boston, Little, Brown, 1979.
344 p.