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American Jewish Fiction Books
e a u v a i s
, R
o b e r t
The half Jew.
b y
Harold J. Salemson. New
York, Taplinger, 1980. 262 p.
A boy whose father is Jewish and his mother Gentile is reared in
a Catholic boarding school to escape the Nazis in occupied France.
Although he rejects all religion he becomes a priest. Later, when
visiting the Holy Land, a Sabra convinces him he is still Jewish.
r c z e l l e r
, R
ic h a r d
A trip in to the blue and other stories from the
New Yorker.
New York, A 8c W Publishers, 1980. 156 p.
Autobiographical stories of a Hungarian Jew’s experiences in
a Vienna medical school, as a country doctor, as a Nazi prisoner,
and later in France and the U.S.
r u d e r
, J
u d i t h
Going to Jerusalem.
New York, Simon 8c Schuster,
1979. 318 p.
As in Canterbury Tales each character tells a story to shorten
and enliven the journey—but here the travelers are a variety of
American-Jewish types, and the place is a tour bus in modern
Israel. The tales are based on biblical and rabbinic literature.
o h e n
, F
lo r e n c e
h a n o c k
The monkey puzzle tree; short stories.
Afterword by Richard Meade. Chicago, Story Press, 1979. (Illinois
Writers Series). 146 p.
Treats serious questions of human morality and justice in the
Jewish and Gentile communities. Topics include difficulties of
Bedouins in Israel, of immigrants in the U.S., and of Soviet im­
migrants in Israel.
e n k e r
, H
e n r y
Horow itz and Mrs. Washington.
New York, G.P.
Putnam, 1979. 409 p.
An elderly prejudiced Jewish man copes with recovering from
a stroke under the guidance of an excellent Black physical
therapist. Light and humorous, but the topics of Black-Jewish
relations, and independence for the elderly are timely.
u n n i n g
, J
o h n
New York, Times Books, 1980. 448 p.
As the Ku Klux Klan in Denver gains control of local society
and politics during the 1920’s, a Gentile newspaper reporter
investigates the nature of its power and tries to block it. Mean­
while a Jewish family is being seriously harassed. Historical fiction
of a v iolent era.