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lover is executed in Israel. PLO commandos, the Israeli govern­
ment, the Austrian police, and an art dealer all search for him
for different reasons.
i t v i n o f f
, E
m a n u e l
Penguin book of Jewish stories.
New York,
Penguin Books, 1979. 366 p. paperback.
Twenty stories by sixteen authors, all previously published in
periodicals and collections. Many were originally in Yiddish or
Hebrew (by Sholom Aleichem, Peretz, Bashevis-Singer, Appel-
feld, O z ) . Others are by leading American-Jewish writers (Bellow,
Malamud, Roth, Ozick) .
a z o w
, J
u l ia
o l f
compiler and ed.
The woman who lost her
name: se lected w ritings by American Jewish women .
San Francisco,
Harper and Row, 1980, 222 p.
A collection of short stories, memoirs, and excerpts from novels,
all by and about American Jewish women. T h e characters and
their relationships are much more human, varied and realistic
than the Jewish-American-princess and Jewish-mother caricatures.
it o s k y
, D
i n a
Jerusalem rock.
New York,
M .
Evans, 1980. 403 p.
A romance between two musicians: an American Jew and a
Sabra. T h e Six-Day-War makes them weigh the relative values of
art and career vs. familial fidelity and national loyalty.
a c h m a n
o f
r a t s l a v
Beggars and prayers: A din Steinsaltz retells
the tales of R a b b i Nachman of Bratslav.
Trans, by Yehuda Ha-
negbi and others. Ed. by Jonathan Omer-Man. New York, Basic
Books, 1979. vi, 186 p.
A new translation of the tales, with Steinsaltz’ interpretation of
their spiritual and moral messages.
e u g r o s c h e l
, J
o a c h im
ed. and translator.
The sh tetl.
New York,
Richard Marek, 1979. 572 p.
Translations from Yiddish that portray the varieties of life in
the shtetlach. T h e stories are set in many eras from the Middle
Ages to the world wars. Genres include biblical commentary,
hasidic tales, and modern short fiction.
r l e v
, U
r i
The lead soldiers.
b y
H ille l Halkin. New York,
Taplinger, 1980. 234 p.
Two young brothers struggle for life in the Warsaw ghetto,
hidden in Polish homes, in Bergen Belsen and finally in Palestine.
But as all children, they play games and fantasize. T h e jagged
and confused (plot mirrors the war years.
l a u t
u n t h e r
The man in the blue vest.
New York, Tap linger,
1980. 155 p.
A collection of short stories concerned with Jewish identity;