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Jewish Juvenile Books
d l e r
, D
a v id
A .
The children of Chelm.
New York, Bonim Books/
Hebrew Publishing Co., 1979. unp.
An introduction to Chelm for younger readers, told with tongue-
in-cheek dignity and caricaturish illustrations suited to the tone of
this retelling. (Ages 5-9)
l a i n e
, M
a r g e
D vora’s journey.
Illus. by Gabriel Lisowski. New York,
Holt, Rinehart and W inston, 1979. 126 p.
An autobiographically based novel of the harrowing journey
across many borders endured by a prerevolutionary Russian Jewish
family trying to emigrate to America. (Ages 8-12)
l u e
, R
o s e
Cold rain on the water.
New York, McGraw-Hill, 1979.
144 p.
A contemporary 17-year-old Russian boy describes the dangers
and difficulties of a family in its new American home. (Ages 12
and up)
u r s t e i n
, C
h a y a
M .
A first Jewish holiday cookbook.
New York,
Bonim Books/Hebrew Publishing
C o . ,
1979, 115 p. paper-covered
Novelist Burstein’s cookbook is filled with humor, cheerful con­
versation and quirky illustrations, besides recipes and instructions
for a year’s worth of Jewish holidays and Sabbaths. (Ages 8-12,
with adult help at the younger age)
a s h m a n
, G
r e e r
a y
Jewish days and holidays.
Illus. by Alona Frankel.
New York, SBS Publishing Co., 1979. 64 p.
Brightly colored stylized illustrations adorn this gay Israeli im­
port about Jewish holidays: their names (in English and Hebrew)
and symbols, as well as prayers, concepts and appropriate read­
ings. (Ages 5-10)
* C
h a ik i n
, M
i r i a m
The seven th day: the story of the Jewish Sabbath.
Illus, by David Frampton. New York, Doubleday, 1980. 47 p.
A lyrical retelling of the biblical passages relevant to the keep­
ing of the Sabbath, appropriately illustrated by Frampton’s wood­
cuts. (Ages 8-12)
* C
o h e n
a r b a r a
I am Joseph.
b y
Charles Mikolaycak. New
York, Lothrop, 1980. 48 p.
* Starred books are especially recommended.
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