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The biblical Joseph becomes flesh and blood in this story of
human failings and strengths. Despite one oversensual illustration,
Mikolaycak’s compelling art work is outstanding. (Ages 12 and up)
o l m a n
, H
i l a
E llie’s inheritance.
New York, Morrow, 1979, 190 p.
Young Ellie of
Rache l’s Legacy
inherits her mother’s designing
talent and widens her experience through friendships with a young
communist youth and a proud refugee from Nazi Germany of the
thirties, with whom she falls in love. (Ages 12 and up)
o l in g e r
, L
e a h
A very special yarmulke.
Illus. by H. Hechtkopf.
New York, Feldheim, 1979, unp. paper
An ordinary yarmulke is transformed into a bejeweled one
when it becomes imbued with the love of Torah, after conversing
with the sacred books and learning to daven. (Ages 3-6)
* G
e r a s
, A
d e l e
The girls in the ve lve t frame.
New York, Atheneum,
1979. 149 p.
A warm and wonderful family story with excellent characteriza­
tions of a widowed mother, her five daughters, and missing son—
who had emigrated to America. Set in Jerusalem just before
World War I, it is one of the year’s best. (Ages 8-12)
e r s h a t o r
, P
h i l l i s
H on i and his magic circle.
Illus. by Shay Rieger.
Phila., Jewish Publication Society, 1980, 48 p.
A pedestrian retelling of the tale of a Jewish legendary figure
who successfully demanded rain of God by standing within his
magic circle. After planting carob seeds, he fell asleep, awakening
when his seeds had matured into fruit-bearing trees. Not helped by
Rieger’s crude drawings or the muddy illustrations. (Ages 5-8)
o l d s t e in
, A
n d r ew
My very own Jewish home.
Illus. with photos by
Madeline Wikler. Silver Springs, Md., Kar-Ben Copies, 1979. unp.
The warmth and meaning of a Jewish lifestyle comes through
in this peek into a Jewish home and all the things that make it
"Jewish.” (Ages 3-7)
r e e n
, M
e l i n d a
Rache l’s recital.
b y
the author. Boston, Atlantic-
Little, 1979, 48 p.
Ethnic nostalgia about a Jewish child-centered family on the
lower East Side in the 1900’s, when the children had to take
music lessons. No other Jewish content. (Ages 6-8)
r e e n b e r g
, J
a n
A season in-between.
New York, Four Winds, 1979.
150 p.
A girl from an assimilated Jewish family learns to cope with her
father’s death by remembering him and getting on with life. (Ages
r e e n e
, L
a u r a
I am an Orthodox Jew.
Illus. by Lisa C. Wesson.
New York, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1979. unp.