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Modern American Orthodox Jewish life seen through the eyes
of a young boy. Good introduction to Orthodoxy, but Wesson’s
figures still look like lollipops. (Ages 7-10)
♦ G
r e e n f i e l d
, H
o w a r d
Rosh Hashunah and Yom K ippu r .
Illus. by
Elaine Grove. New York, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1979, 31 p.
A distinguished addition to the series, which includes
T ex t, illustration and design combine to com­
municate the significance, symbols, rituals and prayers of these
holidays. (Ages 10 and up)
r o ss
, D
a v id
C .
Pride of our peop le : the stories of one hundred ou t­
stand ing Jewish men and women .
New York, Doubleday, 1979.
424 p.
Anecdotes and short biographical highlights about contemporary
and historical Jewish figures. (Ages 12-16)
u t m a n
, N
a h u m
Path of the orange peels.
Trans, by Nelly Segal. Illus.
by the author. New York, Dodd, Mead and Co., 1979. 140 p.
Th is account combines humor and suspense as young Nahum
accidentally becomes entangled in a dangerous secret mission. A
rare picture of Tel-Aviv as a town built on sand in Palestine dur­
ing World War I. (Ages 10 and up)
a u g a a r d
, E
r ik
h r i s t ia n
Chase me. Catch nobody.
Boston, Hough­
ton Mifflin, 1980. 209 p.
Master craftsman Haugaard tells of a 14-year-old Danish school­
boy who becomes involved in anti-Nazi activities while on a school
outing to Germany. Fleeing for his life, he aids a hidden m ischling
girl to find refuge in Denmark. Funny and suspenseful. (Ages
12 up)
o f f m a n
, J
u d y
Joseph and me. In the days of the Holocaust.
with photos and drawings by Lili Cassel-Wronker. New York,
Ktav, 1979, 80 p. paper
A highly moving memoir of the author’s childhood as a Jewish
child living with a Gentile foster family in Amsterdam during
the Holocaust. Glossary. (Ages 8-12)
u b n e r
, C
a r o l
o r b
The ta ttered tallis.
b y
Yochanan Jones.
New York, Judaica Press, 1980. 124 p.
Dvora Doresh, girl detective and talmudist, romps through more
mysteries and Orthodox beliefs. (Ages 8-12)
------- .
The wh ispering mezuzah.
Illus. by Devorah Kramer. New York,
Judaica Press, 1980. 124 p.
Dvora Doresh continues to solve mysteries through talmudic
reasoning and midrashic analogies. Slightly less didactic and more
fun than the previous
The haun ted shul.
(Ages 8-12)