Page 205 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 38

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* H
u r w it z
, J
o h a n n a
Once I was a p lum tree.
Illus. by Ingrid Fetz.
New York, Morrow, 1980. 160 p.
A 10-year-old Jewish girl acquires Jewish identity, despite her
parents’ wish to assimilate, through friendship witli a German-
Jewish refugee family. Likeable, believable characters make this
a valuable library addition. (Ages 8-12)
* K
im m e l
, E
r ic
N icanor’s gate.
Illus. by Jerry Joyner. Phila., Jewish
Publication Society, 1980. unp.
A lyric tale of a wealthy, unlettered, but pious Jew of A lex­
andria, who feels that God has provided him with wealth to ful­
fill a great mitzvah. Book design and illustrations contribute to
the book’s excellence. (Ages 5-10)
e v i t in
, S
o n i a
A sound to remember.
Illus. by Gabriel Lisowski,
New York, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1979, 31 p.
A young boy’s shofar blows love and compassion into the hearts
of a shtetl congregation. Lisowski’s illustrations convey the proper
sense of mystery, tenderness and faith. (Ages 6-10)
# L
u s t ig
, A
r n o s t
D ita Saxova.
New York, Harper, 1979, 189 p.
A 17-year-old survivor of the Holocaust yearns for normality—to
experience love and life—but is never able to fully let down her
guard. (Ages 16—adult)
* M
a ze r
, H
a r r y
The Last Mission.
New York, Delacorte, 1979, 182 p.
An underaged Jewish boy who enlisted as a waist-gunner in
World War II by using his brother’s I.D., has a shocking wartime
experience. (Ages 12 and up)
u c h n i k
, M
i c h o e l
The cuckoo clock castle of Shir.
b y
author. New York, Bloch, 1980, unp.
Muchnik’s special vision brings us a charming tale of a wooden
bird brought to life and love by the spirit of the Sabbath. A non-
didactic Jewish fairy-tale. (Ages 3-8)
* N
o b l e
r is
Nazi hunter, Simon W iesenthal.
New York, Messner,
1979. 158 p.
An inte lligent and impressive account of W iesenthal’s reaction
to his wartime experiences during the Holocaust; how he has
dedicated his life to the search for
The murderers among us
own book) . Bibliog., index. (Ages 12 and up)
* O
f e k
, U
r i e l
Smoke Over Golan.
Trans, by Israel I. Taslitt. Illus.,
by Lloyd Bloom. New York, Harper and Row, 1979, 192 p.
A lone on his family’s farm in the Golan when Arab-Jewish
hostilities break out during the Yom Kippur War, young Eitan
meets the emergency calmly and resourcefully. Well written. (Ages