Page 211 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 38

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^aa n a 'to 'ne i 'rp ’ x r x Kim .a’rcna nmn t
, ’ : a n
x n a V m
,^naa -iDT ,p iir r :
a i apy’ v/y -mo .a*?onaa jam n so
/ay rrpn ,68 .tr'wn
w a 1? yvua na*?n mma .nna'rna n^ im nn -n^ax yixpaa n o s n a
Disi ,p*7pna .ox*w
xt p
m'w nxa .n^nn maiyn nn
.t3/lwn ,"nnia„
-iry^x a^n 'uma ’ aa nw n nyiaV i p w 1? d i ^ i o * * n m v a r
,o, , n x a ^ aio
v ,y nix'? x x ’ woxpna p"pT v 'a x xmaw
/ay t r ip . r r ’w n /n am * diet ,p^pna
nrtawi any own traipan paanaa -itiiya , n a w ^ n n ’ a r ( n o )
n^np n a w n am na mam a’ anaxn nnnxnn /p’rpna .nawa
/ay rap .awn ,xaxaa apy’
Commentaries on the
Zem irot
by rabbis of the hasidic dynasty of
/ay a"p ,
"p . t r ’w n ,(?)p i r r : .mnaoa
c " m n
n n
Talmudic novellae by the prominent figure in the Polish yeshiva
world, Rabbi Naphtali Trop.
pump p t r j xap‘xaa mnaoa *?y ’ 3 n a o n s x 1an ’ w n n
/ay r n .tr'wn ,pnr r : .m a m ’a*na ones nxa .ann:i
Talmudic novellae by the late Rabbi Ephraim Mordecai Ginsburg
of the Mir Yeshiva.
nyaaix iaa
, l7
nxa .own n m o ^y o " *“i n *v n ’ n
/ay n*av .tr'wn ,nya:ix an rwa ,p^pna
mwxn ays mx1? xxr .xy’xa xaaV D’unnn x * a t
n n ’
n ’ n
*?naiT ,p*?pna .piya^xn pmr na'w na’rx v/y nna
’ana *a *?y
/ay x"an ,xvi .awn ,jana
A critical edition of the novellae of the 14th century Talmudist
Yom Tov Ishbili on the tractate
Baba M ezia
, edited from mss. by
Rabbi Salomon Alter Halpern of London.
ntrrw maVna x p*?n nyi m r y"waw ma’rnn ^a
, m x n a a n
nxa nmax ” n owa omx^ai nnyn a^aoi .nanyn ma^n mo ny
mann .m'wn
w it h
nayo oian ,p^pna .nyxtraw D«n nmax
On the dietary laws, from the work of Abraham Danzig (1748-1820),
with references and additional notes by Rabbi Abraham Chaim Spitzer
of Brooklyn.
/K’B^snx^’B .’poanr’1? in a nxa .x p^n . i n a a y
( n " i w )
/ay ran .tr'wn /'w^a* oian