Page 213 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 38

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.-11301W n x a nxa .nrra’ay ’sVi a"xn n o ’o'?
. b
" tn n a x a
/ay r r x i .o"ton ,.aaxp mia-iyaxvi
A topical encyclopedia of Talmudic sayings.
oxya nawxm nysa y’sia .traixn nor nxa . n i v i a ( n* i w)
n^wa nnn ’ nxa nnn ’ "na n x ’a oy m o a i i n y -snip n ana
n s paa ,pVpna .T"np“'x ta ’o .x pVn .pywox'jxs a n
/ay rraw ,a .a"wn
A critical edition of the ms. responsa of the prominent 18th cen­
tury rabbinic authority Rabbi Joseph Teomim .
pnx’ nxa .a
.mama naoa *?y i n x n x " i n n a
/ay x"sw—r a n .trVwn ,"itt^a* oisi ,p*ix’ xia
Part 2 of a commentary' on the Talmudic tractate
K e tubo t,
Samuel Edels (1555-1631), prominent Polish Talmudist, with notes by
Rabbi Isaac Zev Mayer of Brooklyn.
nxa .-ixanxoa Y'tbix mp^non
x v s o m ’ ‘r ’ a ( o -i o a 1p )
,a"mxa woxpaia ’non nnnxnn ,pnx’ ra .woxpaiaa y 'ib ix
/ay t r a .a"wn
The eulogy of Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum of Satmar by Rabbi Moshe
Leib Rabinowicz of Munkacz.
nnsom .aiwox^Ta ^ a tow* p"aa o^tapi17a nnaxa , n ’ a
n ’ a
.wrnxata axr ’as laa nxa ,axr ’as mxsn — xnmx i r n
,iana oidt ,p^pna .wnxpoxa n^n nor v,y moon ny anna
. t r to n
Sayings of the 18th century hasidic leader in Galicia, Rabbi Jehiel
Michael of Zloczow, and his son, Rabbi Ze’ev Wolf, of Zbarazh.
* r r .D’annxi n’aiwxn y,s taTp‘?,» ny , n ^ n i ’ » n p n a o a
Edison Lithographing .&"iyn ,p^pna .ma’tf’fl ’n a^n n'rym1?
.and Printing Corp.
nmx’a n’wnn *?*?ia .xy’sa xaa naoa ^y , n y i
’ n ’ a’ ya
oisi ,r*7pna .ramaia pnr nxa .nnmai
/ay a"y-i
n s o pirn nnanan ^a
^ la .1 p*?n . n n s o n
n n s a
nn so
r i p
man ,r*
.nawn ’aan ny ia i
y i
nnnn ’ansa
.n’s i r x . t r to n nxaoxoi nxm nnn n a ^ n
A catalog of the books in the areas of Bible commentaries, festivals,
sermonics, ethics and Hasidism, found in the library of the Satmar
Yeshiva in Brooklyn.
s" ra /p^pna .nya1?’!
*?xsn nxa ,o"wn nraio *?y w s a 1? x s - i a
/ay n"yw . t r to n ,"p’s x n nnaw*