Page 229 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 38

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Young voices from the ghe tto ;
a collection of children’s and young
peop le’s peotry written in the ghettos of World War II. Wal­
tham, Mass., Brandeis University, Department of Near Eastern and
Judaic Studies, 1979. 60 p.
Collection of 20 poems written by children and teenagers in
ghettos during the Holocaust. Parallel Yiddish and English texts,
with an introduction in English.
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o s h u a
Psalms and songs.
T e l Aviv, I.
L .
Peretz, 5739.
189 p. Port. Illus. Ed.: Shlomo Roitman. Artist: Fania Kipnis.
Collection of poems by an emigrant from the Lithuanian S.S.R.
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o s l
By the open w indow .
T e l Aviv, Nay-Lebn, 1979. 154 p.
The 3rd book published in Israel since the author emigrated
from the Soviet Un ion . Includes translations of Japanese and Chi­
nese poems.
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e r e t z
The man of forty; poem .
T e l Aviv, I. L. Peretz,
1978. 138 p. Port. Illus. Portrait of Peretz Markish by Mane-Katz;
drawings and cover by Lev Syrkin. Afterword: Esther Markish.
Long poem by the well-known Soviet Yiddish poet, published
for the first time.