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1971); “W iederum Schweigen?,”
14 (1975), 6116-6133; H erber t Schmid, “Holokaust, Theologie
und Religionsunterricht,”/wda?ca (Zurich), 35 (1979), 5-11; and
Eva Fleischner,
Judaism in German Christian Theology Since 1945
(Scarecrow Press/American Theological Library, 1975). T h e tele­
vision series “Holocaust” had a noticeable effect upon the people
o f Germany. One example o f many responses to this fact is a
series of public lectures and discussions held from October, 1979
to February, 1980 arranged by the Theological Faculty, U n iver­
sity o f Heidelberg, th rough the efforts o f Rolf Rendtorff, on the
subject “Theology and Church A fter the Holocaust.”
North America is hardly the Kingdom o f God. But some Chris­
tian literature published there seeks hopefully, if sometimes un-
realistically, to roo t ou t the chu rch ’s hostile teachings and a t­
titudes toward Jews. T he Holocaust lurks within the shadows o f
all such effo rts , e.g., Rosemary R ad fo rd R u e th e r ’s widely-
discussed work,
Faith and Fratricide: The Theological Roots o f Anti-
(Seabury Press, 1974). To this Roman Catholic theolo­
gian, anti-Semitism is the left hand o f Christology, within the New
Testament as much as th roughou t later tradition. For a series o f
historical and theological evaluations o f Rue ther’s specific ju d g ­
ments and findings, toge ther with a response by her, see the
invaluable symposium assembled by Alan Davies
,Antisemitism and
the Foundations of Christianity
(Paulist Press, 1979). Rue ther is a
formidable critic o f Christian anti-Jewishness although h e r f ind ­
ings are hardly new, and she does not always acknowledge the
latter fact; cf. e.g., the works o f the g rea t British historian James
Parkes (a marvelous, fully-annotated bibliography o f his publica­
tions — which at the time num bered 329 — appeared within the
period und e r review: David A. Pennie, ed.,
A Bibliography of the
Printed Works o fJames Parkes with selected quotations
, Univ. o f Sou th ­
ampton, 1977); and the writings o f A. Roy Eckardt, including
Elder and Younger Brothers: The Encounter of Jews and Christians
(Schocken, 1973).
Representative efforts toward Christian theological and moral
self-criticism and reconstruction in the afterm a th o f the
include Gregory Baum,
Christian Theology After Auschwitz
o f Christians and Jews, London, 1976): “What Auschwitz has