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With God in Hell: Judaism in the Ghettos and Death Camps
Press, 1979); and Terence Des Pres,
The Survivor: An Anatomy of
Life in the Death Camps
(Oxford Univ. Press, 1976). Two symposia
tha t bear fu r th e r upon the sub-topic o f the Holocaust and anti-
Semitism are the interdisciplinary survey p repa red by Byron L.
Sherwin and Susan G. Ament, eds.,
Encountering the Holocaust
(Impact Press, 1979), especially Sherwin’s fine analyses, “Jewish
and Christian Theology Encounters the Holocaust” and “Philo­
sophical Reactions to and Moral Implications o f the Holocaust”;
and Eva Fleischner, e d
Auschwitz: Beginning of a New E ra? Reflec­
tions on theHolocaust
(Ktav, 1977). T he la tter work is m a rred by the
inclusion o f an anti-Jewish, i.e., false-universalist, piece by an
Arab Christian, Gabriel Habib. A desire is also evident to be
“evenh and ed ” ra th e r than to dem and a reapp ra isa l o f the
intellectual-theological presuppositions o f American “liberal”
Protestantism . (These faults are no t to be laid to P rofessor
Fleischner bu t to the Rev. James P. Morton and the Ca thedra l of
St. John the Divine, New York City, where the conference was
held on which the volume is based.) Eva Fleischner gave th ree
years o f her life to the production o f this book.
O f special relevance to this section is the quarterly
Shoah: A
Review of Holocaust Studies and Commemorations
, ed. by Jan e S.
Gerber and published by Zachor, the Holocaust Resource Center,
with Jews and Christians as contributors. Among jou rna ls with
special numbers on the Holocaust are
Rencontre: Chretiens et Juifs
(Paris), 10 (1976);
(Rome), 7 (1974); and
The Annals o f the
American Academy of Political and Social Science,
450 (1980).
Next in rank to the theme o f the Holocaust within recen t
Christian-Jewish litera tu re is Israel and Zionism. T he past decade
witnessed the af te rm a th o f the Six Day War and the occurrence o f
the Yom K ippur War, toge ther with the crisis fo r the Jewish-
Christian dialogue created by the w idespread Christian failure to
suppo rt Israel before the th rea t o f h e r annihilation. (In
Protestantism and the Jewish State,
Wayne State Univ. Press, 1973,
Hertzel Fishman rem inds us tha t such a failure is any th ing bu t
new; the reestablishing o f the Jewish state was strongly resisted in
the churches.) A num be r o f publications addressed to ou r overall
subject have nevertheless appeared . Among the more solid ones