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Consultation on the Church and the Jewish People, Jerusa lem ,
16-26 Ju n e 1977 (World Council o f C hu rches , 1978); and
Jewish-Christian Dialogue: Six Years of Christian-Jewish Consultations
( I n t e r n a t i o n a l J e w i s h C o m m i t t e e o n I n t e r r e l i g i o u s
Consultations/World Council o f Churches, 1975).
Christian suppo rters o f Israel speak from varied perspectives,
as do, o f course, Jewish spokesmen. Some affirm the integrity o f
Israel on historical, moral, and jurid ical g rounds (e.g., Robert F.
Honor the Promise: America’s Commitment to Israel,
day, 1977; Alice and Roy Eckardt,
Encounter with Israel: A Chal­
lenge to Conscience,
Association Press/Follett Pub. Co., 1970; and
James Parkes,
Whose Land? A History of the Peoples o f Palestine,
Taplinger, Pub. Co., 1971). O thers argue in religious terms. This
is especially the case with Christians in so-called evangelical cir­
cles; see Marc H. Tanenbaum , Marvin R. Wilson, and A. James
Rudin, eds.,
Evangelicals and Jews in Conversation
(Baker Book
House/American Jewish Committee, 1978); and the serial
published by Evangelicals United fo r Zion. Still o thers en ­
deavor to combine secular and religious emphases (e.g., a docu ­
ment illustrative o f the contemporary convergence o f P ro testan t
and Roman Catholic thinking, “A Statement to O u r Fellow Chris­
tians,” issued by the Israel Study G roup , 1973, rep roduced in
Drinan, pp. 243-250; and Paul M. van Buren,
The Burden of
Freedom: Americans and the God of Israel,
Seabury Press, 1976). See
(Minneapolis), 15 (1977), special number on Juda ism ;
Marcel-Jacques Dubois, “T he Catholic Church and the State o f
Israel: After Th irty Years,”
Christian News From Israel,
27 (1979),
11-14, 52;
EngageISocial Action Forum-40
(1978), special num be r
on “Israel: A Crisis fo r Christians;
Honor the Promise,
Newsletter o f
the National Christian Leadership Conference for Israel; and the
symposium “Theological Implications o f the State o f Israel,”
cyclopaedia Juda ica Year Book 1974
(Je ru sa lem ) : W a lte r S.
Wurzburger, “T he Jewish View: Messianic Perspectives”; Emil L.
Fackenheim, “T h e Holocaust and the State o f Israel: T h e ir Rela­
tion”; A. Roy Eckardt, “T he P ro testan t View” ; and Marcel-
Jacques Dubois, “T h e Catholic View.” Several German scholars
are addressing themselves to the relation between Christian af­
firmation and the re-emergence and integrity o f the State o f
Israel; e.g., Friedrich-Wilhelm M a rq u a rd t ,D ^
Juden und ihr Land