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the American Academy o f Religion
, 45, 1977, 491-495). T h e non ­
affirmation o f the abiding integrity o f the Jewish people con­
demns the church to theological self-contradiction. T h e p reserva­
tion o fJuda ism and Jewry is an all-decisive sign o f the faithfulness
o f God (van Buren , “Affirmation o f the Jewish People,” supp le­
ment to
45, 1977, 1075-1100).
Van Buren speaks in a vein like tha t o f many Christian writers
already cited. See also the summary-exposition o f a Christian
post-Holocaust theology in the Miller Lectures at Christian
Theological Seminary by A. Roy Eckardt, “Christians and Jews:
Along a Theological F ron tier ,”
40 (1979), 89-127;
Eugene Fisher,
Faith Without Prejudice
(Paulist Press, 1977); F red ­
rick Holmgren,
The God Who Cares
(John Knox Press, 1979);
Andre Lacoque,
But As For Me: The Question of Election fo r God’s
People Today
(John Knox Press, 1979); Jo h n T. Pawlikowski,
and Calvary
(Benziger, 1976), a valuable presen tation o f the
“meeting o f two peop les” by a p rom inen t Catholic scholar;
Gerard S. Sloyan,
Is Christ the End of the Law?
(Westminster Press,
1978), in which the dichotomy o f “law” and “gospel” is opposed;
and John Shelby Spong, Episcopal Bishop o f Newark, “T h e Con­
tinuing Christian Need for Juda ism ,”
The Christian Century,
(1979), 918-922. Some o f the Christian literature is d irec ted to
educational, catechetical, and liturgical reform , including d e ­
mands for the removal o f m isrepresentations o f Juda ism and
Jewry; see, e.g., Claire Huchet Bishop (president o f the
judeo-chretienne de France), How Catholics Look at Jews: Inquiries Into
Italian, Spanish and French Teaching Materials
(Paulist Press, 1974);
Klaus Farber und Heinz Kremers, Herausgeber,/m/<?n,
Ein Beit-
rag zur Behandlung der Vorurteilsproblematik im Unterricht
Criiwell Verlag, 1974); and John Pawlikowski,
Catechetics and
(Paulist Press, 1973). See also Elizabeth W righ t’s “Yom
HaShoah L iturgy fo r Christians,” rep roduced in Littell,
. . ., pp. 141-153; and Alice L. Eckardt, “In Cons idera­
tion o f Christian Yom Hashoah L iturgies,”
1 (1979), 1-4.
Witness and mission.
T he past decade has seen a con tinuation
o f a developing Christian outlook epitomized in the sub-title o f
Heinz Kremers
Judenmission heute? Von derJudenmission zur briider-
lichen Solidaritat und zum okumenischen Dialog
(Neuk irchener V er­
lag, 1979) toge ther with expressions o f Jewish obligation r e ­
flected in the fact tha t more than ha lf o f the Croner-Klenicki