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Israeli Periodicals in English
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o f Independence the re were about 30 Israeli jou rn a ls
in English. Very few o f them still appear . Currently , scholarly
periodicals in English are published by the universities, the ir
departm en ts and the ir research institutes, o r by learned societies.
Not all fields are covered by English language jou rna ls . In the
field o f Jewish scholarship Hebrew reigns.
Bible studies are covered by
the organ o f the Hebrew
University Bible Project. This is an internationa l periodical d e ­
voted to the textual study o f the Hebrew Bible and its versions.
T he aim o f the Bible Project is to publish a critical edition o f the
Hebrew Bible based on the Ben Asher school, utilizing variants
from o ther early manuscripts. Articles in
reflect the r e ­
search done by the scholars associated with the Project.
Research in the Hebrew Bible, the New Testam en t and J u d a ­
ism o f the New Testam en t period , as well as Jewish-Christian
relations past and present, is the subject o f articles in
which has appeared since 1972. It is published by the Ecumenical
Research Fraternity in Israel, an association o f Christian theo lo­
gians living in Israel, who have particu lar interest in the new
Israeli research. T h e Departmen t o f Comparative Religions o f
the Hebrew University and the American Jewish Congress coop­
era te in sponsoring this publication. Articles are by leading Jewish
scholars and are mostly translated from the Hebrew. Cons ider­
able space is given to reviews o f scholarly books published in
A less sophisticated publication in the field o f Bible study is
published fo r the English-reading public by the World
Jewish Bible Society. It is in tended for interested Jewish laymen
who wish to deepen the ir unders tand ing and apprecia tion o f
the ir heritage th rough study and offers material for Bible study
circles in Israel and abroad.
Yeshivot, institutes and academies provide jou rna ls in the field
o f Jewish scholarship. T he most substantial is
Shefa Quarterly,