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subtitled a Jo u rn a l o f Jewish T hough t and Studies. I t is an eclectic
magazine which encompasses various branches o f Jewish learn ­
ing and adheres strictly to the tenets o f O rthodox Judaism . A rti­
cles deal with commentaries, take the form o f study guides to a
page o f Talmud , o r cover b roade r topics, such as “Juda ism and
Modernity.” T h e re a re also translations from Jewish classics, an ­
cient and modern .
Shefa Quarterly
has been published since 1977
by the Shefa Institu te fo r Advanced Studies in Judaism , headed
by Adin Steinsaltz.
Jewish Study Magazine
is more modest and popu lar in style and
features personal stories and homiletics. It has been published
ra the r irregularly since 1973 by the Jerusa lem Academy o f Jewish
Studies and has a Hebrew section called Dvar Yerushalaim. It
appeared previously in Manchester, England.
Shma Israel
was a
short-lived attem p t (4 nos. appeared from 1974 to 1977) to p re ­
sent O rthodox Juda ism in a modern , colorful layout. It was pub ­
lished by the students o f O r Sameah, the yeshiva o f the ba’ale
teshuvah or repen ten ts . Also discontinued was
the Light,
a Jewish
family magazine published from 1970 to 1978 by Agudat Israel
Contemporary problems o f the Jewish people are the concern
o f
Dispersion and Unity),
published by the De­
partm en t o f O rganization of the World Zionist Organization.
Appearing quarterly , it is rich in material on d iffe ren t aspects of
Jewish life in Israel and the Diaspora. Articles on literature and
translations o f short stories and poems are also included.
has been pub lished mon th ly since Ju ly 1980 by the
Sephardi D epartm en t o f the World Zionist Organization. H igh­
lighting cultural activities o f the Oriental communities in Israel
and in the Diaspora, it presents writers o f Sephardi origin.
an in ternationa l jou rna l o f social, political and intellec­
tual history, is published by the Institute for Zionist Research at
the Tel Aviv University. It is the first scholarly organ in English
devoted to this subject and will be published twice yearly. T he first
issue appeared in Spring 1980. T he pu rpose o f the new period i­
cal is to investigate problems which faced the Zionist movement
up to and following the b irth o f the State o f Israel.