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women writers: Anzia Yezierska, who was a p roduc t o f the immi­
gran t period, and E.M. Broner, a contemporary au thor.
O u r two field-spanning surveys, on biblical studies by Baruch
A. Levine, and on Jewish historical writing by Jane S. Gerber,
both focus attention on the contributions o f American Jewish
scholars to these areas. An importan t aspect o f Israel’s publishing
activity is covered by Ruth Tronik-Reizel, who offers a com­
prehensive review o f the English periodicals and serials issued
there. Abraham Berger provides a useful upda te o f the literature
on Nahman o f Bratslav, who has been the subject o f much schol­
arly and literary interest in both Israel and this country.
As in previous years, Theodo re Wiener has presen ted his in ­
formative guide to literary anniversaries tha t may be observed in
1982. A num ber o f these have been singled out for special ad ­
vance treatment.
Nurit Govrin’s Hebrew study o f S. Ben-Zion, on the occasion o f
the 50th anniversary o f his death, throws much new light on the
au tho r’s role in Palestine Hebrew letters and on his relationships
with his contemporaries. Hyman Bass’ Yiddish survey o f Ameri­
can themes in Yiddish literature was occasioned by the 100th
anniversary o f the East European Jewish immigration, a subject
to which a num ber o f articles were devoted last year.
The anniversaries o f two early modern Hebrew writers, Naph-
tali Herz Wessely and Isaac Satanow, have led Moshe Pelli to o ffer
an evaluation o f the contributions o f the Haskalah movement
with which they were so intimately associated. The centenaries of
the birth o f the seminal thinker Horace M. Kallen and o f the
leading American Hebrew poet Benjam in N. Silkiner have
b rought forth appreciations and analyses by Meir Ben-Horin and
Eisig Silberschlag respectively. T he writings and world view o f
Simon Rawidowicz, who made lasting contributions to Jewish
thought and literature, are described by Jacob K. Mikliszanski.
Still ano ther article in ou r ongoing series concerning the ho ld­
ings o f various libraries is the account by Charles Cu tter o f the
history and growth o f the Goldfarb Library at Brandeis Univer­
T h e Annual
again presents seven bibliographies that reflect the
literary ou tpu t in America, England and Israel. The listings of
English, Hebrew and Yiddish books cover generally the period
between April 15, 1980, and April 15, 1981.