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T he Holocaust, its causes and af te rm a th , are investigated in
Yad Vashem Studies on the European Jewish Catastrophe.
Articles by
Israeli and foreign scholars shed light on this da rk page in the
history o f the Jewish people in various countries. In fo rm a tion on
cu rren t research in Jewish studies is provided by the bilingual
Bulletin of the World Union ofJewish Studies.
It contains info rm a tion
on scholarly congresses, on dissertations completed and in p rog ­
ress, and on universities all over the world having chairs fo r
Hebrew literature and Jewish studies.
Itzhak Ben-Zvi, the second presiden t o f the State o f Israel, was
a recognized scholar who devoted himself particularly to the
history o f Palestine in modern times. T he Ben-Zvi Institu te car­
ries on research on the subjects tha t were dea r to him. Among its
varied publications is
a quarterly Hebrew jo u rn a l d e ­
voted to the history o f Palestine in its various aspects. An English
version o f this quarte rly is now in p repa ra tion and will be soon
published und e r the title,
Jerusalem Cathedra.
Uniting history and
Holy Land Postal History
is the modest official bulletin o f the
Society o f the Postal History o f Eretz Israel. It publishes b r ie f
articles and notes on the postal services and on stamps in Palestine
du r ing the O ttoman period , the British mandate, the transition
period and in the State o f Israel. T h e re is also inform ation on new
issues o f Israeli stamps.
Archaeology, which is very popu la r with the general public, is
also the subject o f extensive academic research at the Israeli
universities. T he oldest and leading periodical in tha t field is the
Israel Exploration Journal.
It deals with the archaeology o f Israel
and adjacent areas, including descriptions o f excavations and
inscriptions, and articles on historic geography and ancient his­
tory. The D epartm en t o f Antiquities in the Ministry o f Education
in Hebrew. T he English version, entitled
English Series,
contains detailed repo rts on excavations o f specific
sites accompanied by many illustrations. This is a successor to the
Quarterly of the Department ofAntiquities
, issued from 1932 to 1950
by the mandatory government o f Palestine. Articles on archaeo l­
ogy are listed in a supp lemen t to
Selected Bibliography