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of Publications on Archaeological Excavations and Surveys in Israel,
which is published every fou r years.
T h e most recen t add ition to archaeological periodicals is
A v iv ,
the o rgan o f Tel Aviv University’s Institu te o f Archaeology.
Articles by the members o f the Institu te and by others, repo r t on
excavations in progress carried ou t by the Tel Aviv faculty and on
research by Tel Aviv based archaeologists.
a bilingual
bulletin, is issued in Haifa by the Maritime Museum. It specializes
in underw ater archaeology and in the history o f nautical in s tru ­
ments and clocks. T h e Israel Exploration Society, which is re ­
sponsible for most o f the archaeological publications in Israel,
Eretz Israel,
a yearbook devoted to archeological, historical
and geographical studies. About a th ird o f the material in each
volume is in English. Each issue is devoted to a scholar, active in
archaeology o r a rela ted field, and includes a full bibliography o f
his works.
The most popu la r archaeological publication in Israel is
It is a beautifully illustrated Hebrew quarterly which re ­
issued by the American Archaeological As­
sociation, and was ed ited for many years by Yigael Yadin.
is now accessible to the English reader in the form of
volumes o f collected articles, each dealing with a specific subject,
that are published in the United States by the Yale University
Press. To date, two volumes have appeared : one on Jerusa lem
and one on the Byzantine period o f Palestine. Many articles on
archaeology may be also found in general cultural magazines
such as
and in the magazines issued by the Christian com­
munities. For those interested in the special branch o f archaeol­
ogy dealing with glass objects, Anita Engle annually publishes
Readings in Glass History,
a collection o f articles from many sources
on ancient glass.
In the field o f numismatics, it is to be noted tha t a scholarly
jou rna l has resumed its publication. T he Israel Numismatic Soci­
ety published in 1980 no. 4 o f the
Israel Numismatic Journal,
o f
which no. 3 appeared in 1967. It contains articles by Israeli and
o the r scholars on anc ient Jewish and Palestine numismatics.
T here are also articles on Levant numismatics, such as Islamic or
Armenian coinage.
Numismatics in Israel,
a monthly newsletter on
coins and medals useful for collectors, was a short-lived private
enterprise. It ceased publication in 1978, with issue no. 11.