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A specialized publication dea ling with antiquity is
Classica Israelica,
the yearbook o f the Israeli Society fo r the
Promotion o f Classical Studies. Th is is a fo rum fo r all the
branches o f classics. O f special in terest are the articles which
investigate the relations and in teracting influences between an ­
cient Judaism and classical civilization.
Scripta Hierosolymitana
is the repository fo r original research
carried out by the various depa rtm en ts o f the Hebrew University.
It has been published about once a year since 1954. All the articles
in each volume are devoted to a particu lar subject, mostly in the
humanities, and are contributed by the members o f a dep a r tm en t
or institute o f the university. Some selected titles from the
starting with the more recent are: vol. 27: Hebrew narrative art;
vols. 23 and 7: History, Jewish and general; vol. 22: Aggadah and
folklore; vol. 16: Israel legislative problems; vol. 8: Bible; vol. 4:
Dead Sea Scrolls; vol. 1: Classics and Jewish Hellenism.
T he establishment o f the Hebrew University and la ter the
exodus of Jewish scholars from Nazi Germany b rough t to Israel
many fine Oriental scholars. Islamic civilization and the Arab
world in all its aspects are extensively researched at the Israeli
universities. This in tu rn results in publications. T he most recen t
addition to the field is
Jerusalem Studies in Arabic and Islam,
ed ited
by Shlomo Pines, professor em eritus o f Jewish and general
philosophy at the Hebrew University. T h e
seek to deal
with all aspects o f Islamic civilization and history in the medieval
period and with Arabic philology and litera tu re in general. Pub­
lished by the Magnes Press on beha lf o f the Institute o f Asian and
African Studies o f the Hebrew University, the first issue ap ­
peared in 1979.
Israel Oriental Studies
is an annua l collection of
articles on Arabic linguistics and literature , as well as on the
ancient Near Eastern languages. It has been published since 1965
by the Tel Aviv University.
The more recen t history o f the Arab world is the concern o f
Asian and African Studies,
published in Jerusa lem by the Israel
Oriental Society. T he articles deal with the politics, religion, soci­
ety and culture o f Asia and Africa with emphasis on the Middle
East. Israeli-Arab relations and the political and social life o f
Israeli Arabs are also treated . Many o f the articles translated from