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the Hebrew have originally appea red in
Asian and African Studies
we en te r the domain o f politics and
international relations.
This is also the focus o f
Jerusalem Journal of International Rela­
published by Hebrew University’s Leonard Davis Institu te
for In ternational Relations since 1975. Its aim is to research
internationa l relations on the basis o f systems analysis, events data
analysis, strategic studies and forecasting theory. Its special em ­
phasis is Israeli foreign policy and the Middle East, and con­
tributors include lecturers from the various Israeli universities as
well as from o the r countries. T he Leonard Davis Institu te also
publishes a series o f pamphlets called
Jerusalem Papers on Peace
Some 25 papers have appeared to date, each devoted to
an aspect o f security o r power politics in the Middle East. T he
Israeli Institute o f In ternational Affairs in Tel Aviv publishes
un d e r the editorship o f Marion Mushkat,
International Problems.
This annual jou rn a l is devoted to internationa l law, peace re ­
search and political doctrines. Each num be r contains two parts:
one in Hebrew and ano ther, larger section in English which
includes summaries o f the Hebrew articles.
New Outlook,
a Middle
East monthly, is no t published by any academic body. Its editors
are identified with Mapam party circles, being based at Givat
Haviva, a kibbutz o f this affiliation. However, the views expressed
are more to the left than official Mapam political ideology. T he
editorial board comprises a cross section o f personalities, Jewish
and Arab, from d iffe ren t political parties, all known fo r the ir
dove-like attitude towards the Arab-Israeli conflict. Much space is
devoted to the Arab minority, and its relations with the State and
the Jewish population.
The influx o f Russian scholars from Soviet Russia has b rough t
to Israel many specialists in the fields o f Russian history, politics,
economics, and Communism, as well as Slavic literatures and
linguistics. One o f these scholars is Ilya Zemtsov, professor o f
sociology in Israel since 1973. He is the ed itor o f
quarterly jou rn a l o f international dynamics and social change.
Published since 1978,
is the organ o f the Israel Re­
search Institute o f Contemporary Society. I t publishes articles by
scholars from all over the world and by imm igrants from Russia.
Its various sections treat: ideology and policies, philosophy and
law and national movements. Several articles have been con­