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tion with issue no. 50 in 1979. However, the Ministry o f Foreign
Affairs, which has sponsored its publication, has indicated tha t it
will be resumed in a few months.
was issued in parallel
editions in English, French, German and Spanish. I t was beau ti­
fully illustrated with many color rep roduc tions o f works o f art. It
had articles about Israeli painters, thea te r people and writers, as
well as on scientific achievements and new archaeological f ind ­
ings. T he articles were written by specialists o f high caliber bu t
were done in a popu la r style, so as to attract a wide audience.
A lthough published as the cultural forum o f the confederation
o f the Kibbutz Movement,
is a general interest magazine.
Most o f the articles and discussions published here, deal with
issues o f vital concern to the Israeli society, such as the generation
gap, the relations between newcomers and old-timers, o r the
Arabs in Israel. Some articles deal with kibbutz problems and
poems, playlets, or short stories are included. Some o f the ma te­
rial is translated from the Hebrew magazine o f the same name.
Hebrew litera tu re is trea ted o f course in jou rna ls in tha t lan­
guage. In o rd e r to popularize Hebrew literature among non-
Hebrew readers, the Institute for the T ranslation o f Hebrew
L iterature was created in Tel Aviv. T he Institute publishes or
sponsors translations o f Hebrew works into English and o the r
languages. Since 1979 it has published a cu rren t bibliography o f
translations from the Hebrew. To date, fou r issues o f
the Bibliog­
raphy of Modern Hebrew Literature
have appeared : two devoted to
translations into English and two to translations into o th e r lan­
guages. T he Institu te also publishes a quarterly magazine,
Hebrew Literature,
which contains selections from recent Hebrew
fiction and poetry. It also has articles discussing specific au tho rs
and cu rren t books. Some issues are devoted to a single au tho r, as
was the Tchernikhovksy centenary issue.
Voices of Israel
is a mod­
est m imeographed collection o f poems by Israeli poets who write
in English tha t appears once a year in Haifa.
General litera tu re is trea ted in a scholarly vein in
Hebrew University Studies in Literature,
published by the Univer­
sity’s Institute o f Languages and L iteratures since 1973. It in­
cludes articles w ritten by members o f the faculty on the theory o f