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literature , on comparative litera tu re and on individual au thors.
At least one con tribu tion per issue is devoted to Hebrew litera­
ture, or a Jewish literary theme. T h e theory o f literature , semio­
tics, poetics, comparative philology, Slavic philology and litera­
t u r e s a r e t r e a t e d in th e H e b r ew U n i v e r s i t y ’s
S la v i c a
Articles are in English o r Russian, with the p ro ­
portion o f Russian material increasing from issue to issue.
is a publication o f the Po rter Institu te for Poetics and
Semiotics at the Tel Aviv University. An in troduc to ry double
issue was issued in 1979. It is an in ternationa l publication, d e ­
voted to the systematic science o f litera tu re as a r t and to the
investigation o f the relationship between theory and research in
Bar Ilan University is known fo r its research in the use o f the
com pu ter in the human ities and in par ticu la r fo r the com ­
puterized indexing o f the Responsa. Compu ters as app lied to
Hebrew linguistics are the concern o f
Hebrew Computational Lin­
, which appears in Hebrew and English at the University.
T he articles deal with com pu ter analysis o f gramm ar and o the r
topics in applied and formal linguistics. T he D epartm en t o f
Philosophy at the Bar Ilan University publishes
periodical also deals with linguistics, bu t in relation to logic. How­
ever, its main concern is analytical philosophy and applications o f
formal logic to philosophy.
Journal of Jewish Art,
formerly published in the U.S. by the
Spertus College in Chicago (1974-78), has become with its sixth
volume a publication o f the newly founded Cen ter for Jewish A rt
at the Hebrew University. It will now be published on a more
regu lar basis and will have more pages.
Israel Law Review
is published quarterly un d e r the auspices o f
the Faculty o f Law at the Hebrew University. Its articles shed light
on the legislative problems o f the State o f Israel, the history o f
law, and Jewish law and its application in a mode rn State. T h e
Facuity o f Law at the Tel Aviv University has two publications:
Aviv Studies in Law
and the
Israel Yearbook of Human Rights.
Insight into the workings o f all forms o f governmen t and
adm inistration in Israel is o ffered by the
Israel Annual o f Public