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(formerly Public Administration in Israel and
Abroad). It concerns itself with all kinds o f administration: cen­
tral and local government, personnel management and related
subjects, such as political science, law, business administration,
civil service, regional planning, labor and unions. It has a working
arrangement with the Hebrew bi-monthly
Netive Irgun U-Minhal
to use its material.
For some years (from 1950 to 1972) the Government of Israel
published both Hebrew and English editions of
the Israel Govern­
ment Yearbook.
It is to be regretted that the English edition was
discontinued after the 1971/72 issue. The Yearbook carried in­
formative surveys o f Israeli domestic affairs, security problems
and foreign relations, which accompanied the data on each minis­
try. A less detailed survey of events o f the year and other basic
data is offered in the annual
Facts about Israel,
published by the
Israel Information Center. Another annual, the
Israel Yearbook,
published in conjunction with the Jewish Agency for Israel, sur­
veys the activities in different sectors of Israeli life. A useful
feature of this annual is Judge Henry Baker’s “Legal Systems,”
which discusses legislation passed during the year.
Israel Yearbook
concerns itself mainly with the economic problems of Israel and
its industry, and includes many advertisements of industrial en­
terprises. Cultural and social affairs are also reviewed.
Economic and financial affairs are the concern of
issued by the Research Department of the Bank of Israel,
the central bank of the State. It reports on financial and monetary
problems, on the budget and price movements. It also publishes
new regulations and legislation concerning banks.
The Israel
a modest Israeli imitation of the British
reports political and economic news and comments from Israel
and abroad for the benefit of local business.
Social problems are reviewed in
the official publication of
the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare. There is no publication
devoted solely to sociology, but the
Israel Annals of Psychiatry and
Related Disciplines
is of interest not only to practicing psychiatrists
and psychologists, but to wider circles as well. Various articles are
devoted to cultural anthropology, social psychology and socio-
psychological problems which have their roots in the cultural
diversity of the population.