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T he death o f Solomon Grayzel on August 12, 1980, occurred
when volume 38 was already in press. It is with deep sorrow tha t
we devote an article by Kenneth R. Stow to Grayzel’s work as
scholar and editor. A moving spirit in the work o f the Jewish Book
Council, Dr. Grayzel served as its president from 1945-1950 and
as honorary p resident the reafter until his passing. He served as
editor o f the first
Jewish Book Annual
and also as ed ito r o f the
In Jewish Bookland.
His pioneering efforts in b eha lf o f
the Jewish book and Jewish scholarship will be sorely missed.
While reading the proofs o f his latest collection o f studies and
essays, Abraham Meir Haberman passed away in Jerusalem on
Dec. 6, 1980. An em inent expert on every phase o f the Hebrew
book and Hebrew printing, he was also a bibliographer and an
authority on medieval Hebrew literature. Prof. H aberm an was
among the valued contributors to the
Word o f the death o f Meyer Levin, who was a central figure in
American Jewish letters for over ha lf a century, reached us as ou r
volume was about to go to press. Some o f his manifold con tribu ­
tions were evaluated by Samuel I. Bellman in his article, “T he
Literary Creativity o f Meyer Levin,” which appeared in volume
33 (1975-76) o f the
The repo rt o f the activities o f the Council by Ruth S. Frank,
director, reflects a year o f concerted effo rt in behalf o f the Coun­
cil’s aims. We wish to express ou r thanks to h e r for h e r valued aid.
We are especially grateful to Dr. Robert Gordis, president o f the
Council, for his leadership and for his introduction to the section
on the 1981 National Jewish Book Awards. T he remarks by the
awardees which appear here add a special dimension to ou r
contents this year.
We again express ou r p rofound appreciation to the JWB for its
role in sponsoring the activities and publications o f the Council.
We are pleased to acknowledge the suppo rt o f the Lucius N.
L ittauer Foundation, and the contributions o f the Israel Matz
Foundation, the Joseph Meyerhoff Fund, the Jacob and Hilda
Blaustein Foundation and the I. Edward Kiev Library Foundation.
To Rabbis Gilbert Klaperman, Jud ah Nadich and Ely E. Pilchik,
former presidents o f the Council, ou r thanks for the ir constant
aid and encouragement.