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the texts and for the clearness o f his typography. One o f his Sid-
durim, the
Siddur Sejat Emet,
went through 150 editions. His careful
notes on the texts and his editions o f the Bible helped determine a
more accurate version of the Masoretic text o f the Bible.
e in em ann
25th anniversary o f death. Born in Frankfurt am Main
in 1876, died in Jerusalem July 28, 1957. For many years a teacher at
the Breslau rabbinical seminary and an editor of the major scholarly
periodical o f German Jewry, he devoted his studies to Greek and
Hellenistic philosophy, to Stoicism and Philo. After 1939 he lived in
Israel, teaching at the Mizrachi Teachers Institute. There he pub­
lished in Hebrew a study on the reasons for the commandments and
a work on the methodology of the aggadah.
l ijah
e l l e r
25th anniversary o f death. Born in Ponievish,
Lithuania, in 1888, died in London, April 13, 1957. A student o f
philosophy and Jewish thought, he moved from Germany to Eng­
land in 1938. There he published
The Zionist Idea
(1947 and 1949).
An earlier version had appeared in Germany. He translated Plato’s
Phaedrus into Hebrew and together with Sir Leon Simon he wrote a
Hebrew volume on Ahad Ha3am.
u eh n er
25th anniversary of death. Born in Berlin, Germany, in
1871, died in New York, February 28, 1957. For many years a lawyer
in New York and a devoted historian o f American Jewry, he served
as curator at the American Jewish Historical Society and contributed
many articles on the history o f various Jewish communities to its
publications. Among his larger works was
The Life of Judah Touro
(1946). A collection o f his articles was published posthumously
under the title,
Jews in America in Colonial and Revolutionary Times
(1959). He also published collections o f poems and sketches.
d elsohn
100th anniversary o f birth. Born in Felixberg,
Russia, June 11, 1882, died in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1938.
He began his career as a cantor in his home country and in Germany,
settled in Palestine before World War I, but later was active in the
United States as professor o f Jewish music at the Hebrew Union
College in Cincinnati. He researched the liturgical music o f the
Yemenite Jews and published a
Thesaurus of Oriental Hebrew Melodies
(1923-33). He also wrote
The Ceremonies of Judaism
), Jewish
(1932, reprint 1967), a detailed and historical analysis o f the
prayerbook, and
Jewish Music
(1929, reprint 1967).
a l l en
100th anniversary o f birth. Born in Berenstadt,
Germany, August 11, 1882, died in New York in 1974. In America
since childhood, he taught philosophy at the New School for Social
Research in New York for many years. While his was a general
philosophy, he saw himself influenced by the spirit o f the Hebrew
prophets. He was active in Jewish organizational life and favored