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Zionism, while at the same time affirming the value o f the Diaspora.
His writings o f Jewish interest include
Zionism and World Politics
(1921, reprint 1975);
Frontiers of Hope
(1929, reprint 1977, an ac­
count o f a trip to Eastern Europe and Palestine);
Judaism at Bay
(1932, reprint 1972); and
Utopians at Bay
(1958, a critical view o f
Israel after a visit).
la t zk in
100th anniversary o f birth. Born in Bereza Kartuskaya,
Russia, March 10, 1882, died near Lausanne, Switzerland, in 1948.
After studies in Germany under the philosopher Hermann Cohen,
he became a Zionist publicist and also wrote philosophic studies in
Hebrew. He was one o f the chief editors o f the unfinished
clopaedia Judaica
in German (1928-34). He also compiled a philo­
sophic dictionary in Hebrew. He advocated a unique philosophy of
Zionism, which stressed language and land rather than religion and
culture, in opposition to both his anti-Zionist teacher Cohen and to
Ahad H a rm ’s spiritual Zionism.
acob ben
. 150th anniversary of death. Born in
Poland, ca. 1760, died in Stryj, Galicia, May 25, 1832. He served in
various Polish communities as rabbi, such as Kalisz and Lissa, which,
however, had then come under Prussian rule and under the influ­
ence of the Reform movement. He returned to Kalisz in 1822 as he
was a decided opponent of the new movement. He was recognized as
an outstanding interpreter of the Halakhah and published commen­
taries on several talmudic tractates, also on the Passover Haggadah,
as well as responsa and sermons. Many of these books have been
reprinted in recent years.
. 150th anniversary of death. Born in Naarden, Holland, in
1785, died in Amsterdam, October 17, 1832. A teacher of the Jewish
religion at the newly established Jewish religious school in Amster­
dam, he also taught mathematics at the Latin school there. He wrote
works on Hebrew grammar, a Hebrew-Dutch dictionary and also
various works on Judaism in Dutch, such as a collection of talmudic
sayings, a biography of Maimonides, and a work in defense of the
Jews against the ir d e trac to rs . He also helped tran sla te the
prayerbook into Dutch, which was very important for the cultural
development of the Jews in Holland of that day.
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il ien t h a l
100th anniversary of death. Born in Munich, Germany,
in 1815, died in Cincinnati, Ohio, April 5, 1882. A Jewish educator
in Germany, he was called by the Russian government to come to
Russia to reorganize the Jewish educational system there in a mod­
ern way. But he failed to win the confidence o f the Russian Jewish
masses, who suspected that the new educational system was designed
by the government to lead them to eventual conversion. Finally
Lilienthal himself became convinced o f the impossibility o f his task,