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and he emigrated to America, eventually becoming a Reform rabbi
in Cincinnati. A collection o f his writings in English translation
appeared in 1915 under the title,
Max Lilienthal, American Rabbi, Life
and Writings,
edited by David Philipson.
. 50th anniversary o f death. Born in Russia in
1866, died in Philadelphia April 2, 1932. From 1889 on he lived in
the United States, First teaching at the Hebrew Union College in
Cincinnati and then at the Dropsie College for Hebrew and Cognate
Learning in Philadelphia. An accomplished Hebrew philologist, he
wrote works on Hebrew and Aramaic grammar
(Elementary Textbook
of Hebrew Accidence,
Manual of the Aramaic Language of the
Babylonian Talmud,
1910). He served as editor-in-chief o f the English
Bible translation published by the Jewish Publication Society of
America in 1917 and reissued many times since then, only to be
superceded by a new translation now in progress. A very popular
work of his was
A History of the Jewish People
(1927 , reprint 1974),
written in collaboration with Alexander Marx.
r th u r
a rm or ste in
100th anniversary o f birth. Born in Miskolc, Hun­
gary, September 20, 1882, died in London in 1946. From 1912 until
his death he taught at Jews’ College in London, the Orthodox
rabbinical seminary o f British Jewry. His field o f study was the
Talmud and rabbinic theology. He wrote
The Doctrine ofMerits in Old
Rabbinic Literature
(1920, reprint 1968) and
The Old Rabbinic Doctrine
of God
(1927-37 , reprint 1969). He also participated in a German
translation o f the Tosefta with a number o f Christian scholars.
Posthumously a collection of his essays was published under the title,
Studies in Jewish Theology
(1950, reprint 1974).
ayy im
ezek iah
ed in i
150 anniversary o f birth. Born in Jerusalem,
October 31, 1832, died in Hebron in 1904. A rabbinic scholar, he was
a tutor in Constantinople (1853-1867), then rabbi in the Crimea
until his death. In addition to responsa and talmudic commentaries,
he wrote a halakhic encyclopedia o f 18 volumes, dealing with all
aspects o f the subject, including biographies o f Jewish scholars and
details on the history o f Palestine.
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r an k fu r t
200th anniversary o f birth. Born in Ham­
burg, Germany, March 19, 1782, died therein 1861. An adherent o f
the German Haskalah movement, he wrote both in German and
Hebrew to enlarge the intellectual horizon o f his contemporaries.
His major work was a collection o f Hebrew poems, published post­
ordeca i
ark iss
25th anniversary o f death. Born in Skala, Poland, in
1898, died in Jerusalem, March 26, 1957. In Palestine since 1920, he
was associated with the Bezalel Art Museum throughout his life. He
wrote on every aspect o f Jewish art, on coins, on Jewish ceremonial
objects, and on Yemenite art.