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athan son
150th anniversary of birth. Born in Satanov,
Podolia, April 22, 1832, died in Warsaw in 1916. A contributor to
Haskalah periodicals, he later edited the unpublished works o f Isaac
Baer Levinsohn (1788-1860), an important figure o f the Haskalah
movement, and also wrote a biography o f him, which passed
through several editions. He likewise compiled a Hebrew historical
lexicon and a dictionary of foreign words in Hebrew.
a t a i
100th anniversary of birth. Born in Gyongyospata, Hun­
gary, January 5, 1882, died in Givatayim, Israel, in 1953. Trained at
the Hungarian rabbinical seminary, he taught in secondary schools
in Budapest and wrote verse in Hebrew and Hungarian. His biog­
raphy of Herzl was translated into English
(Star overJordan,
He settled in Palestine in 1938 and taught for a time at the Hebrew
University. A collection of his essays in Hebrew was published in
several volumes.
aw idow icz
25th anniversary of death. Born in Grajewo, Poland,
in 1896, died in Waltham, Mass., July 21, 1957. In the 1920’s he
studied in Germany. He later taught Jewish philosophy at the Uni­
versity of Leeds, England, then at the College o f Jewish Studies in
Chicago, and finally at Brandeis University. At various times he
edited Hebrew periodicals. In various collections of Hebrew essays
he advanced a philosophy of Jewish history including both the State
of Israel and the Diaspora as an integral part of the Jewish future.
amu el
o llan sk y
80th birthday. Born in Warsaw April 14, 1902. In
Argentina since 1922, he has been a leading figure in the cultural
and literary life of the Jewish community there. He has published
numerous anthologies o f Yiddish literature, both o f individual
authors and collections from various countries in Latin America, in
addition to creative writing of his own, including works about
Argentine Jewry. He also directed the Yivo branch in Argentina.
80th birthday. Born in Brody, Galicia, February 21 ,1902 . An
early adherent of Zionism, he emigrated to Palestine in 1925.
Throughout his career he has been writing literary criticism, al­
though his articles in newspapers and periodicals cover a wide range
o f subjects, dealing with all manner of intellectual interests. While he
sees Hebrew literature as central to Jewish literary activity, he re­
gards all literary endeavors by Jews in whatever language they write
as part of the Jewish literary tradition. His studies on Hebrew and
Yiddish literature and folklore have been collected in several vol­
umes over the years. He served until his retirement as professor of
Yiddish literature at the Hebrew University.
: S
250th anniversary o f birth. Born in Satanov, Podolia,
September 19, 1732, died in Berlin 1804. For many years he super­
vised a Hebrew printing press in Berlin. He wrote several works on
Hebrew grammar, also a Hebrew-German dictionary, collections of