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tradition. In English there appeared
Memoirs of a People’s Commissar
(1931) and
In the Workshop of the Revolution
(1953, 1955). He also had
been active in the Jewish Territorialist Organization, and edited its
Yiddish monthly publication.
or itz
t e in s ch n e id e r
75th anniversary o f death. Born in Prossnitz,
Moravia, now Czechoslovakia, in 1816, died in Berlin, January 24,
1907. He is considered the founder o f modern Jewish bibliography.
His magnum opus was his catalogue o f Hebrew books in the Bod­
leian Library in Oxford, completed in 1860. It was the first major
bibliographic work dealing with Hebrew literature on a modern
scientific basis. In addition, he wrote an early history o f Jewish
literature, published in a scholarly German encyclopedia and later
translated into English
{Jewish Literature from the 8th to the 18th Cen­
1857, reprint 1970). He also compiled several catalogs o f the
major repositories o f Hebrew manuscripts in Europe. In several
other works he explored the translation activity o f the Jews in Arab
countries who transmitted classical Greek and Latin works into
Arabic during the Middle Ages.
a d
ed esch i
75th birthday. Born in Rovigo, Italy, May 17, 1907. A law
professor in Italy until the anti-Jewish laws were promulgated in
1939, he emigrated to Palestine, where he has served as professor of
law at the Hebrew University. In addition to legal works in Italian
and Hebrew, there appeared in English translation
Studies in Israel
Studies in Israel Private Law
(1966), and
Studies in Israel
Legislative Problems
W . T
uchm an
70th birthday. Born in New York, January 30,
1912. A thorough historian, who combines learning with readability,
she has written works on historical topics, ranging from the 14th
century to the present. Her writings very often turned out to be
best-sellers and also won her the Pulitzer Prize. O f Jewish interest is
Bible and Sword; England and Palestine from the Bronze Age to
(1956, reprinted 1968), in which she expressed her Zionist
l im elech
r ba ch
70th birthday. Born in Wloclawek, Poland,
May 25, 1912. Professor o f Talmud at the Hebrew University in
Jerusalem, he has devoted his research to every branch o f this
extensive area o f study. A major work deals with the Tosafists, the
authors of the
commentary to the Talmud, originating in
Western Europe in the 12th and 13th centuries and printed in every
standard edition o f the Talmud. An English translation o f one o f his
books on talmudic thought bears the title,
The Sages, Their Concepts
and Beliefs
e in per
25th anniversary o f death. Born in Turisk, Russia, in
1892, died in New York, January 27, 1957. In the United States since