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Analysis o f sources and their application to contemporary prob­
r e ib e r
, A
M. Jewish law and decision-making: a study through time.
Phila., Temple University Press, 1979. 440 p.
Discusses documentary analyses, structures, operations, and
decision-making processes o f Jewish Law.
ho st ek
, P
a t t
A lexicon of Jewish cooking: a collection offolklore, foodlore,
history, customs, and recipes.
Chicago, Contemporary Books, 1981. 240
p. Paperbound.
Studies in Jewish folklore.
Ed. by Frank Talmage. Cambridge, Mass., As­
sociation for Jewish Studies, 1980. 408 p. Paperbound.
Proceedings o f a regional conference . . . held at Spertus College
of Judaica, Chicago, May 1-3, 1977.
a l l e r s t e in
, E
Circumcision an American health fallacy.
New York,
Springer, 1980. 281 p. Paperbound.
Challenges the practice o f routine circumcision for alleged rea­
sons of health.
American Academy fo r Jewish Research: jubilee volume (1928 -29 /1978 /79 ) .
Ed. by Salo W. Baron and Isaac E. Barzilay. Jerusalem, American
Academy for Jewish Research, 1980. Two vols. consecutively paged.
English section, 638 p.; Hebrew section, 120 p.
Proceedings, vols. XLV I-XLV II; 1979-1980. Contributions by 35
American Jewish Yearbook, vol. 8 1 .
New York , American Jew ish
Committee/Phila., Jewish Publication Society, 1980. 454 p.
u b e r
, M
a r t in
. ^
bibliography of his writings 1897 -1978 .
Comp, by Margot
Cohen and Rafael Buber. Jerusalem, Magnes Press, 1980. 160 p.
Arranged in chronological order with index o f titles.
y t en sk y
, B
e l la
From Russia with luggage.
Toronto, Annie Press, 1980.
176 p. Paperbound.
A Russian emigrant to Canada discovers her way back to Judaism
under the influence o f her new life.
o h en
, A
r th u r
The Jew : essaysfrom Martin’s Buber’sjournal Der Jude,
1916 -1928 .
Tr. from the German byJoachim Neugroschel. Univer­
sity, Ala., The University o f Alabama Press/Phila., Pa., Jewish Publi­
cation Society, 1980. 305 p.
o h en
, C
h e s t er
Shtetl finder: Jew counties in the 19th and early 20th
centuries in the Pale of Settlement of Russia and Poland, and in Lithuania,
Latvia, Galicia, and Bukovina, with names of residents.
Los Angeles,
Periday, 1980. 145 p. Paperbound.