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o la n
, M
a t t i
The Geneva crisis.
New York, A & W, 1981. 254 p.
A Jewish Secretary o f Defense faces a hostage crisis in which U.S.
and Israeli priorities are at odds.
r een b erg
, J
oann e
A season of delight.
New York, Holt, Rinehart, and
Winston, 1981, 233 p.
A woman distraught by her children’s rejection o f their Jewish
heritage funnels her energies into volunteer work, in which she
meets a young man interested in learning about his Jewish back­
r e en e
. S
h e ldon
Lost and found.
New York, Random House, 1980.
228 p.
Mendel Traig, a survivor o f Treblinka who is now comfortably
settled in Bolton, Pennsylvania, is lured by German reparation pay­
ments to settle in Israel. A sentimental, heartwarming picture o f a
Jewish-American refugee.
am m er
. R
ic h a r d
Mr. Jacobsons war.
New York, Harcourt Brace
Jovanovich, 1981. 203 p.
One summer in the lives o f a 90-year-old immigrant and his
nine-year-old grandson as seen by the latter. A portrayal o f two
different generations and cultures linked by a common heritage.
orow itz
, G
en e
The ladies of Levittoivn.
New York, Marek, 1980. 321 p.
A decade-by-decade monitoring o f five Long Island families dur­
ing 1948-1978, depicting how the Good Life became tarnished. A
sentimental, heart-breaking picture of this beleaguered generation.
, S
Close relations.
New York, Lippincott and Crowell, 1980.
270 p.
Romance and politics and a female narrator-heroine are the stuff
of this novel set in contemporary Queens. The predictable Irish and
Jewish characters interact and react.
. F
e l ix
Secrets of the blood.
New York, Atheneum, 1980. 246 p.
A young German lawyer guards the secret o f his Jewish great­
grandfather as he watches with bewilderment and horror the grow­
ing Nazi terror. His conscience finally drives him to resistance and
painful choice.
a u t er s t e in
, I
ng eborg
The water castle.
Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1981.
408 p.
Vienna, seen through the eyes of a little girl who is 6 in the year o f
the Anschluss and 13 when the Russians come to liberate the city. A
child’s account gives a tired subject freshness.
e ah y
, S
y r e l l
ogov in
Circle of love.
New York, Putnam, 1980. 272 p.
A love story involving a German Jewish refugee and a Polish
concentration camp survivor who offer commiseration and comfort
to each other. Years later they meet in Manhattan, changed by time
and circumstance, and renew their love.