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R i c h l e r , M o r d e c a i . /
/m a
then and now.
New York, Knopf,
1 9 8 0 . 4 3 5
Joshua Shapiro, a well-known Montreal sports columnist and
television commentator, looks back upon his less-than-normal life.
This novel o f vignettes is filled with the novelist’s Canadian-Jewish
cynical-yet-feeling humor.
o s en b lu th
, S
a l l y
A feast of ashes.
New York, Atheneum, 1980. 290 p.
Heavy domestic drama set against the backdrop o f the 1967 war in
Israel. An American woman has returned to visit her ill father who
deserted her mother years before. Passion and anger flare up be­
tween family members.
y ba ko v
, A
n a to l i
Heavy sand.
Trans, by Harold Shukman. New York,
Viking, 1981. 381 p.
A story o f a Russian Jewish family which examines the way o f life
destroyed by the Nazi invasion.
acha r
, H
The man on the camel.
New York, Times Books, 1980.
308 p.
The Middle-East historian makes his contribution to the espion­
age genre. A super-villain is plotting Israel’s destruction and the
narrator — an ex-Intelligence man back in Israel after years in U.S.
academia — is called in to help. Based upon events which happened
in 1972 and 1973.
c h a e f f e r
, S
rom berg
New York, Dutton, 1981. 390 p.
The story of an emigrant Jewish family from the late 19th century
to the present — but something much more than the typical family
saga. Family members are poignantly portrayed, especially the
ega l
, B
e s l e y
The tenth measure.
New York,
S t .
Martin’s, 1980.
496 p.
The main protagonist is the wife o f Flavius Josephus who is
painted unequivocally as a traitor. Despite some feminist-style
dialogue which borders on the anachronistic, it is an exciting
amplification o f those historical times.
haha r
, D
av id
His majesty’s agent.
Trans, by Dalya Bilu. New York, Har-
court Brace Jovanovich, 1980. 392 p.
The years spanning Israel’s independence to the Yom Kippur
War are the background for this story of love and political intrigue.
An Israeli Army lieutenant is the military liaison to an American
film-maker who has links to his past.
Thefacts in the case ofE .A. Poe.
New York, Holt, Rinehart
and Winston, 1980. 181 p.
A Berlin-born, Brooklyn-raised Jew who believes he is Edgar
Allan Poe faces up to his Jewish identity in the course o f therapy.
onn er
, L
e s l ie
The five towns.
New York, Seaview, 1981. 308 p.
An examination o f a Long Island Jewish family, its friends and