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Jewish Juvenile Books
* A
sh er
, S
Daughters of the law.
New York, Beaufort, 1980. 157 p.
The trauma o f an anti-Semitic incident, the understanding and
support o f Denise Riley and her family, and o f the Rabbi who is
tutoring her for her Bat Mitzvah, help Ruthie and her mother, a
Holocaust survivor, endure the painful memories o f the Holocaust
years. An exceptionally well written book.
Summer begins
New York, Elsevier/Nelson, 1980. 173 p. (10 -
After Summer Smith, a gentile girl, writes an editorial for the
school newspaper against having a compulsory Christmas program,
she finds herself the reluctant leader o f an ecumenical crusade, and
defender of her Jewish teacher.
* B
a er
, E
d ith
Afrost in the night; a girlhood on the eve of the Third Reich.
York,Pantheon, 208 p. (12 and up)
Eva’s private childhood world unravels in a biographical novel set
in Germany during the years leading up to Hitler’s ascendancy.
Sensitively written.
* B
, J
erom e
Make me a hero.
New York, Dutton, 1980. 152 p. (12 and
Young Jake, who is too young to fight in World War I I , takes ajob.
Through his experiences and the Jewish values acquired in his Bar
♦Presented herewith is a guide to current juvenile materials for small and medium
size libraries of Judaica. Special attention has been given to books that will help
children learn about the Jewish historic experience and religious heritage, and
develop a sense of identification with the Jewish people. We have included titles
published from April 15, 1980, to April 15, 1981. No pamphlets or workbooks are
listed, but textbooks that fill a special need are noted.
A book’s age level is determined on the basis of format, reading level, style,
subject interest and appeal. Age designations are from 4 -8 , 8 -12 , 10-14 , and 12
and up. This does not mean that books for ages 4 -8 are unsuitable for reading to
younger children, or that all 12-year-olds will be able to handle books designated
for ages 12 and up. Asterisked books are especially recommended.